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Lines :

  1. How to check if two given line segments intersect?
  2. Given n line segments, find if any two segments intersect
  3. Klee’s Algorithm (Length Of Union Of Segments of a line)
  4. Count maximum points on same line
  5. Line Clipping | Set 1 (Cohen–Sutherland Algorithm)
  6. Find an Integer point on a line segment with given two ends
  7. Minimum lines to cover all points
  8. Minimum block jumps to reach destination
  9. Program for Point of Intersection of Two Lines
  10. Represent a given set of points by the best possible straight line
  11. Program to find line passing through 2 Points
  12. Reflection of a point about a line in C++
  13. Find points at a given distance on a line of given slope

Triangle :

  1. Check whether a given point lies inside a triangle or not
  2. C program to find area of a triangle
  3. Count Integral points inside a Triangle
  4. Classify a triangle
  5. Maximum height when coins are arranged in a triangle
  6. Find all sides of a right angled triangle from given hypotenuse and area | Set 1
  7. Maximum number of 2×2 squares that can be fit inside a right isosceles triangle
  8. Check if right triangle possible from given area and hypotenuse
  9. Triangle with no point inside
  10. Find all angles of a given triangle
  11. Program to find Circumcenter of a Triangle
  12. Number of Triangles that can be formed given a set of lines in Euclidean Plane

Rectangle | Square | Circle :

  1. Find if two rectangles overlap
  2. Check if four segments form a rectangle
  3. Find Corners of Rectangle using mid points
  4. How to check if given four points form a square
  5. Paper Cut into Minimum Number of Squares
  6. Program to find area of a circle
  7. Non-crossing lines to connect points in a circle
  8. Circle and Lattice Points
  9. Queries on count of points lie inside a circle
  10. Check whether a point exists in circle sector or not
  11. Count of acute, obtuse and right triangles with given sides
  12. Pizza cut problem (Or Circle Division by Lines)
  13. Minimum revolutions to move center of a circle to a target
  14. Angular Sweep (Maximum points that can be enclosed in a circle of given radius)

Polygon & Convex Hull :

  1. How to check if a given point lies inside or outside a polygon?
  2. Minimum Cost Polygon Triangulation
  3. Area of a polygon with given n ordered vertices
  4. Polygon Clipping | Sutherland–Hodgman Algorithm
  5. Tangents between two Convex Polygons
  6. Regular polygon using only 1s in a binary numbered circle
  7. Find number of diagonals in n sided convex polygon
  8. Convex Hull | Set 1 (Jarvis’s Algorithm or Wrapping)
  9. Convex Hull | Set 2 (Graham Scan)
  10. Quickhull Algorithm for Convex Hull
  11. Convex Hull (Simple Divide and Conquer Algorithm)
  12. Dynamic Convex hull | Adding Points to an Existing Convex Hull
  13. Deleting points from Convex Hull

Misc :

  1. Find Simple Closed Path for a given set of points
  2. Orientation of 3 ordered points
  3. Number of Integral Points between Two Points
  4. Divide and Conquer | Set 2 (Closest Pair of Points)
  5. Closest Pair of Points | O(nlogn) Implementation
  6. Optimum location of point to minimize total distance
  7. n’th Pentagonal Number
  8. Find perimeter of shapes formed with 1s in binary matrix
  9. Count of parallelograms in a plane
  10. Minimum distance to travel to cover all intervals
  11. Rotation of a point about another point in C++
  12. Find the Missing Point of Parallelogram
  13. LS3/NS3 sphere generation algorithm and its implementation
  14. Equable Shapes
  15. Find mirror image of a point in 2-D plane

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