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Basic Excel Shortcuts

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Did you know that using keyboard shortcuts can increase productivity and save you time?… Yes, the term “shortcut” may seem daunting at first, but if you use computers every day it’s important to consider the benefits! This article lists out some shortcuts that can improve your speed and efficiency while using Excel.

Note: CTRL is used in Windows whereas CMD is used for Mac operating system.


The term workbook refers to the entire Excel file.

1. Undo/Redo :  

  • CTRL + Z and CTRL+Y | CMD+Z or CMD+Y. Z stands for undo and Y for a redo.
  • CTRL + Z will undo your most recent action. CTRL-Y will redo your most recent action.                         

2. New File/ New Workbook: To create a new workbook or new file, You can simply press: CTRL+N | CMD+N.

3. Open file / Open Workbook: To open the file you can use the shortcut: CTRL+O | CMD+O.

4. Close file / Close Workbook: To close your current Workbook you can press: CTRL+W | CMD+W.

5. Save file / Save Workbook:  To save the workbook you can use CTRL+S | CMD+S.

6. Select all:  If you are in an empty cell and select all, you will select the entire worksheet. The shortcut for select all is: CTRL+A | CMD+A.

7. Bold Text: To bold text, you can press CTRL+B | CMD+B.

8. Find text: To find the word you can press CTRL+F | CMD+F.

9. Go to Specific Cell: To find out specific cell you can press CTRL+G | CMD+G.

10. Replace: To replace the keyword you can press CTRL+H |  CMD+H.

11. Italic: To change a text in the italic form you can press  CTRL+I | CMD+I.

12. Hyperlink : To link any word you can press CTRL+H | CMD+H.

13. Create Table: To create a table you can press CTRL+L/T | CMD+L.

14. Print: To print the worksheet you can press CTRL+P | CMD+P.

15. Fill Right: To print a word or key on the right side you can press CTRL+R. 

16. Underline: To underline any word or key you can press CTRL+U.

17. Open Excel Name Manager: To open excel name manager you can press CTRL+F3 | CMD+F3.

18. Minimize/Maximize Workbook: To minimize the workbook you can press CTRL+F9/CTRL+F10.

19. Switch between one workbook to another: To switch between workbook you can press CTRL+F6 | CMD+F6.

20. Select Entire column/Row: To select the entire column /Row you can press CTRL+SPACE / SHIFT+SPACE.

21. Insert new column/Row: To insert a new column/Row you can press CTRL+.

22. Delete Column/Row: To Delete Selected Column/Row you can press CTRL -.

23. Hide Column/Row: To hide selected Column/Row you can press CTRL+0(Zero) /CTRL+9.

24. Unhide Column/Row : To unhide selected Column/Row you can press CTRL+SHIFT+) / CTRL+SHIFT+(.

25. Spell Check: To check the spell of selected text you can press CTRL+F7 | CMD+F7.


A workbook can contain several worksheets. You can add worksheets at the bottom left by clicking on the plus sign next to the last worksheet tab. Right-click on the worksheet tab and you can rename the worksheet and execute a range of other commands.

1. Moving around the worksheet :  

  • Page Up and Page Down buttons will move one page.(the number of rows shown on the screen) up or down.
  • CTRL+Home takes you to the first cell that contains data in the top-left corner of the sheet. CTRL+End goes to the last cell in the bottom-right.

2. Hide the selected rows/columns: you can hide the selected row using Ctrl+9 and Ctrl+0.

  • Select the first column you don’t need to see and then press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+right arrow (for Mac use Command+Shift+right arrow). Right-click anywhere in this new selection and select Hide.
  • Select the first row you don’t need to see and then press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+down arrow (for Mac use Command+Shift+down arrow). Right-click anywhere in this new selection and select Hide.


Active Cell

The cell in the spreadsheet that is currently selected. It looks like this:

Active Cell

Active Cell


A cell is at the intersection between a row and a column. A cell is referenced by the column letter and row number. The example below show cell B3:

Active Cell B3

Active cell B3.


 Press the Alt key. It shows letters representing your next shortcut options.

1. Open file page: To open the file page use ALT+F.

2. Open the Home tab: To open the Home tab ALT+H.

3. Open the Insert tab/insert Pivot Tables/charts: To open the insert tab press Alt+N.

4. Open the Page Layout tab/themes/alignment: To Open the Page Layout tab and work with themes, page setup, scale, and alignment press Alt+P.

5. Open the Formulas tab: To open the formula tab press ALT+M.

6. Open the Review tab: To Open the Review tab, check to spell, add notes press ALT+R.

7. Open the View tab: To Open the View tab and see preview page breaks and layouts press ALT+W.

Display Commands

Use the below commands for various display operations:

  1. Display the Data Tab press ALT+A.
  2. Display the File Tab press ALT+F.
  3. Display the Formulas Tab press  ALT+M.
  4. Display the Home Tab press  ALT+H.
  5. Display the Page Layout Tab press ALT+p.
  6. Display the Review Tab press ALT+R.
  7. Display the View Tab press ALT+W.
  8. Display the Paste Special dialog box press CTRL+SHIFT+V.

File Shortcuts

1. New Workbook: To create a new workbook press Ctrl + N |  CMD+N

2. Open Workbook: To open a new workbook press Ctrl + O | CMD+O

3. Save Workbook: To save the workbook press Ctrl + S | CMD+S

4. Save As: To save as press F12

5. Print File: To print the file press Ctrl + P | CMD+P

6. Open Print Preview: To open print preview press Ctrl + F2 | CMD+F2

7. Close Workbook: To close the workbook press Ctrl + F4 | 

8. Close Excel: To close excel press Alt + F4 | Fn+option+F4

9. Expand or close Ribbon: To close ribbon or expand press Alt + F4 

10. Activate Access Keys: To active access keys press the Alt  button

11. Move to next control on Ribbon: To Move the next control on Ribbon  press the Tab  button

12. Help: For help press the F1 button


1. Format anything: To format(almost) anything press CTRL+1 | CMD+1

2. Bold Formatting: To apply or remove bold formatting  CTRL+B | CMD+B

3. Underscoring: To apply or remove bold formatting  CTRL+U | CMD+U

4. Align Center: To align-center press ALT+H+A+C | CMD+E

5. Align Left : To align-left press ALT+H+A+L | CMD+L

6. Align Right: To align right press ALT+H+A+R | CMD+R

7. Increase font: To increase font size press ALT+H+F+G | CMD+SHIFT+>

8. Decrease font: To decrease font size press ALT+H+F+K | CMD+SHIFT+<

9. Indent: To apply indent press CTRL+H+6 | CTRL+ALT+TAB

Entering Data

1. Move Up: To move up press SHIFT+ENTER | SHIFT+RETURN

2. Move Right: To move right press the TAB button

3. Move Left: To move left press SHIFT+TAB | SHIFT+TAB

4. Same data in multiple cells: To enter the same data in multiple cells press CTRL+ENTER | CTRL+RETURN

5. Insert Date: To insert the current date press  CTRL+; | CTRL+;

6. Insert Time: To insert time press  CTRL+SHIFT+: | CTRL+SHIFT+;

7. Fill Down From Cell Above: To fill down from cell above press  CTRL+D | CTRL+D

8. Fill Right From Cell Left: To fill Right from cell Left press  CTRL + R | CTRL + R

9. Copy the formula from the cell above: To copy the formula from the cell above press CTRL + ‘

10. Copy Value from the cell above: To copy the value from the cell above press CTRL + SHIFT + “

Insert & Layout Keys

1. Insert Table: To insert the table press ALT+N+T

2. Insert Picture: To insert table press ALT+N+P

3. Insert Shape: To insert shape press ALT+N+S+H

4. Insert Chart: To insert the chart press  ALT+N+S+C

5. Insert Hyperlink: To insert Hyperlink press ALT+N+I

6. Insert Text Box: To insert the Text box press ALT+N+X

7. Insert Symbol :To insert symbol press ALT+N+U

8. Insert Header and Footer: To insert header and footer press ALT+N+H

9. Custom View: To create a custom view press ALT+W+F+C

10. page break view: To create a page break view press ALT+W+F+I

Drag and Drop

Following are some drag and drop functionalities that can be used in Excel:

  1. To drag and cut press DRAG
  2. To drag and copy press CTRL+DRAG
  3. To drag and insert press SHIFT+DRAG
  4. To drag the worksheet press ALT+DRAG
  5. Drag to duplicate worksheet press CTRL+DRAG

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2023
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