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Java JDBC Programs – Basic to Advanced

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Just like in many other programming languages, there is a specialized library available for executing CRUD operations when working with databases. Similarly, In Java, We have JDBC, an API(Application programming interface) used in Java programming to interact with databases. The classes and interfaces of JDBC allow the application to send user requests to the specified database.

This article provides a variety of programs on JDBC, that are frequently asked in the technical round in various Software Engineering/JAVA Backend Developer Interviews including various operations such as CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT on SQL Database etc. Additionally, all programs come with a detailed description, Java code, and output.

Java JDBC Programs for Practice: Complete List

Here is the list of Java JDBC programs for practice with output is given below.

  1. Establishing JDBC Connection in Java
  2. How to Create, edit & alter tables using Java?
  3. Java Program to Search the Contents of a Table in JDBC
  4. Performing Database Operations in Java | SQL CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT
  5. Java Program to Search the Contents of a Table in JDBC
  6. How to sort elements of a column using Java commands?
  7. Java Program to Join Contents of More than One Table & Display in JDBC
  8. How to Commit a Query in JDBC?
  9. How to Use PreparedStatement in Java?
  10. How to set and roll back to a savepoint?
  11. How to Execute Multiple SQL Commands on a Database Simultaneously in JDBC?
  12. How to Use Different Row Methods to Get the Number of Rows in a Table in JDBC?
  13. Java Program to Use Methods of Column to Get Column Name in JDBC


In Summary, By practising these Java JDBC questions you will get enough confidence to face any JDBC questions in your upcoming Interview. 

Also, feel free to check out our Java interview questions collection – it could come in handy!

JAVA Program for JDBC – FAQs

1. What is JDBC in java with example?

JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. JDBC is a Java API to connect and execute the query with the database. It is a part of JavaSE (Java Standard Edition). JDBC API uses JDBC drivers to connect with the database.

2. Which type of JDBC driver is used by most people?

Type 4 drivers are the most common and are designed for a particular vendor’s database. and Also, The Type 4 JDBC driver is generally considered the fastest.

3. How to practice JDBC in java?

Practicing JDBC in Java can be condensed into these four key points:

  1. Setup and Connect: Install a database, establish a JDBC connection from Java to the database.
  2. CRUD Operations: Practice creating, reading, updating, and deleting datHere is the list of Java JDBC programs for practice with output is given below. Establishing JDBC Connection in Java How to Create, edit & alter tables using Java?a using JDBC.
  3. Optimize Performance: Learn PreparedStatement for efficient queries, employ batch processing, and explore connection pooling.
  4. Real-world Application: Apply JDBC skills in projects, integrate with frameworks, and continuously learn from online resources.

4. How to make JDBC faster?

there are some practices that follows by experience programmer JDBC performance:

  1. Avoiding SELECT * SQL queries
  2. Using getXXX(int) instead of getXXX(String).
  3. Avoiding getObject calls for Java primitive types.
  4. Using PreparedStatement over Statement.
  5. Avoiding DatabaseMetaData calls.
  6. Using the correct commit level for your application.

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2023
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