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Gblog GEEK-O-LYMPICS 2022 – May The Geeks Force Be With You!
Is it possible to have tons of fun while maintaining your competitive spirit? Totally! It is 100% possible. For the geeks who code hard and… Read More
If you’re a software engineer and loaded with lots of rigid work, little to less work-life balance, and bare minimum pay, it’s understandable to become… Read More
The job market has changed drastically post-pandemic – with frequent job-hopping and the race to upskill oneself. The latter has proved to be a game-changer… Read More
Is string a keyword? A string is NOT a keyword. It is one of the names of data types declared in the standard library.  How… Read More
Given two arrays arr1[] and arr2[] of length N each and an integer K, The task is to maximize the number of equal elements at… Read More
I gave HackwithInfy test on Monday,7 March 2022, and submitted two questions out of three with all test cases passed. Although everyone said HackwithInfy is… Read More
Round 1(HackerEarth Test):I got a referral and got the HackerEarth test link. The test contains 20MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were related to C++… Read More
I interviewed for Carnation Infotech  Interview for Software Engineer Role January 2022 at BPMCE College through 3 Round approx 40 people took the round 1… Read More
Code Jam is Google’s global coding competition, It started back in 2003 as a competition limited to the topcoder area. It got its global face… Read More
At Geek on the Top, we are constantly connecting and sharing success stories of Geeks from all over the world who have reached their life’s… Read More
ROUND 1: ONLINE WRITTEN TEST: It was the first elimination round which consisted of 4 sections and had several subsections in it, where every subsection… Read More
Round-1(Aptitude + Technical MCQs): This was an online round, conducted on the Mettl platform.The duration of this round was 60 minutes.The test consists of 25… Read More
Technical Round 1 (1hrs) Note: expected production-level codeDSA Round: Following questions were asked find x to power y.(later asked me to write down the code… Read More
I was interviewed for the sde-1 backend. There were 2 DSA interview rounds and 1 DSA and Low-Level Design combined round. Round-1(Technical): There were 2… Read More
NielsenIQ visited our campus for the second time and around 500 students applied for the role. Round 1: Aptitude Round (30 minutes): In this section,… Read More
The Renaissance refers ‘Rebirth.’ (Rebirth is a French word). The Renaissance was rebirth of classical life and knowledge (learning).The Renaissance was a cultural movement that… Read More

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