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Gblog Crack the Coding Interview With GeeksforGeeks Weekly Contest Series
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice”, quoted by Vladamir Horowitz. What he said was nothing sort of unique as achieving perfection and success… Read More
As we’re approaching advancement in technology, millions and billions of software and applications are being developed every year. A recent survey reported that the market… Read More
Over the years, Machine Learning has made a significant impact in the market. As per a recent report, currently, the market is standing at USD… Read More
Given two integers P and Q, the task is to check whether a pair (P, Q) is equal or not, and a pair is said… Read More
Given an integer arr[] of length N such that (Ai > 0) for all (1 ≤ i ≤ N) and an integer X. In one… Read More
Given two numbers N and K, and a pair A and B, the task is to multiply N by A or B as many times… Read More
Given a string str and an array of indices chars[] that describes the indices in the original string where the characters will be added. For… Read More
Given a tree of N nodes numbered from 1 to N and N-1 edges, and an array V[] of length N denoting the value of… Read More
Given an array stream of n integers in the form of a stream, the task is to find the minimum number of operations that are… Read More
Dynamic binding in C++ is a practice of connecting the function calls with the function definitions by avoiding the issues with static binding, which occurred… Read More
Pointer to structure in C++ can also be referred to as Structure Pointer. A structure Pointer in C++ is defined as the pointer which points… Read More
The function malloc() in C++ is used to allocate the requested size of bytes and it returns a pointer to the first byte of allocated… Read More
A function is a block of statements that together performs a specific task by taking some input and producing a particular output. Function overriding in… Read More
Prerequisite: Variables in C In a programming language, each variable has a particular scope attached to them. The scope is either local or global. This… Read More
What is Redemption of Debentures? Repayment of debentures to the debenture holders or discharge of the liability on account of debentures is known as the… Read More
Software Testing is a process to evaluate and verify the working of the application as per user requirements. The main focus of software testing is… Read More

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