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Gblog Crack the Coding Interview With GeeksforGeeks Weekly Contest Series
“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice”, quoted by Vladamir Horowitz. What he said was nothing sort of unique as achieving perfection and success… Read More
College is that time of life when you step out of the sheltered school life and step into adult life where you’ve to decide which… Read More
As we’re moving ahead in technology, it is expected from a business point of view to build projects or functionality with less effort. Time management… Read More
A mineral is a naturally occurring substance of chemical composition. They are formed in different types of geological environments, under different conditions by natural processes.… Read More
LTI  is a global technology consulting and digital solutions Company helping more than 400 clients succeed in a converging world. With operations in 32 countries,… Read More
TR Round: Following questions were asked: Tell me about yourself. About myself and my pursuing college and branch(CGPA mentioned). I Completed my Inter/Diploma(mentioned percentage), and… Read More
Round 1 (M.C.Q. CS Fundamentals): 30 min M.C.Q. round: 30 questions based on CS fundamentals (not hard and some questions are way too easy). I… Read More
Samsung semiconductors Bangalore first time visited our campus for embedded software internships in 2024 and also for placements for the 2023 batch the total time… Read More
Round 1: Foundation Section: There were a total of three sub-section in this round having aggregated time of 75 min to solve all sub-section .… Read More
Coding Round: 3 programming questions of easy, medium level, and 2 SQL questions. Interview Round:   Given a programming question to solve. It was an… Read More
First round:  Online aptitude and 2 basic coding questions (based on the reverse number) on 19 Sept at 5.30 PM, Platform – wheebox. Then by… Read More
Online Coding Rounds The first round consists of 3 phases. All of them are online and all rounds the elimination rounds. Phase 1 (Objective round):… Read More
Given a number N, the task is to find a permutation A[] of first N integers such that the absolute difference of adjacent elements is… Read More
Given a binary string S of even size that contains only 0s and 1s, the task is to find the minimum flips (that is 0… Read More
Given an array arr[] of length N consisting positive integers and an integer X, the task is to find the maximum number of adjacent Sub-Arrays… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N, the task is to minimize the number of distinct elements in the array after performing the following operation… Read More
A queue is a linear data structure in which insertion is done from one end called the rear end and deletion is done from another… Read More

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