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Gblog Important Key Concepts and Terminologies – Learn System Design
System Design is the core concept behind the design of any distributed systems. System Design is defined as a process of creating an architecture for… Read More
Nothing could be more fascinating than the fact that you are about to save lots of time, money, and resources by using No-Code Development platforms… Read More
During a job interview, your body language can make or break you. If you make the wrong gestures, it profiles you as standoffish or insecure… Read More
Cybersecurity is the trending domain of the IT industry. As per the reports, people spend around $70 – $80 Billion on cybersecurity and considering the… Read More
What is Corporate Tax? According to Income Tax Act, Corporations have to pay tax on the income earned by them. A corporation can be defined… Read More
Interview Total 2 rounds Round 1: Asked questions about OOPS – Interface, abstraction, polymorphism DSA – tree traversal, expression tree, recursion, dp A Maths Question… Read More
BITS Pilani takes full-time and part-time PhD students in various courses. I have appeared in Computer Engineering. B.Tech students should appear for writing tests. If… Read More
After Three weeks I got a test link from the Hr of Nagarro. I have to go through 1 Aptitude Round of 60 minutes and… Read More
There were 2 two rounds Round 1: Went for about 30 minutes Asked questions related to ReactJS – hooks, class and functional components, how it… Read More
So I was interviewed for software developer role at Svaya Robotics (location : HYDERABAD) , so below are the questions which were asked to me… Read More
What is Direct Personal Investigation? Direct Personal Investigation or Personal Interview is a method of collecting primary data through which the investigator contacts the informant… Read More
Job postings are the most influential way of talent acquisition since they have the maximum reach and help to get the most relevant and suitable… Read More
In this article, we will be discussing whether we should mention our irrelevant work experience on the resume or not. First, we will know what… Read More
What is Insurance? Insurance is a method that spreads the loss likely to be caused by an unknown occurrence among a number of people who… Read More
What is Import Procedure? The purchase of goods from a foreign country is referred to as import trade. The Import procedure varies by country, depending… Read More
Import procedures are the procedures for import and export activities that include ensuring licencing and compliance prior to shipping goods, arranging for transport and warehousing… Read More

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