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Gblog Master the Coding Interview – Contest Series Based On Real Interviews
“If you want to clear your next Coding Interview, practice as many programming questions as you can!” – An obvious advice that a guy who’s… Read More
Round-1: The first round comprised of 22 (20-MCQ and 2 Coding) questions including aptitude, logical, and technical portions(Test Duration: 1.5 hours):- Quantitative aptitude and Logical… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): Conducted on We Create Problem Platform Round 1 was the screening round which was an online test.  There were 6 sections in… Read More
I have applied to Amazon via LinkedIn. Finally, I got a mail stating that I can give my online test on Hacker-rank platform. It’s already… Read More
Branch – Electrical and Electronics Engineering Company Name – ZS Associates Profile – Business Technology Solutions Associate Verdict: Selected There were three Phases in the… Read More
Technical Round 1(1 hr): Interviewer tried to know how I gained experience in C/C++, what kind of work has been done in C/C++, my major… Read More
Technical Round(1 hr): Technical Round(1 hr): Asked about Queue Data structure. Asked to write libraray for CyclicQueue class having 4 APIs: enqueue, dequeue,… Read More
Python is not only one of the most loved languages but rather it is used in various different domains. Due to its high dependency and… Read More
Machine Learning is that tool of the current times that can potentially draw meaningful business insights from the available raw data. This data can either… Read More
Being a programmer, you might have solved a lot of programming challenges. In programming space and time complexity matters a lot when we need to… Read More
Given an integer array A[] of size N, the task is to find the prime numbers just less and just greater than A[i] (for all… Read More
Given a doubly-linked list containing N nodes, where each node is at most K away from its target position in the list, the task is… Read More
Given a binary string S of size N, the task is to find the maximum number of operations that can be performed on S, by… Read More
Given a binary string S of size N, the task is to find the number of groups of 1s only in the string S. Examples:… Read More
Given a number N and a digit K, the task is to calculate the number of ways to form a number with the maximum number… Read More