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Gblog Blogathon 2021 – Write From Home Contest By GeeksforGeeks
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With Flutter Packages, Flutter becomes more preferable for writing easy-to-use and customizable codes for building applications running well on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Even… Read More
Managing the Machine Learning Projects isn’t an easy piece of cake for every ML enthusiast or a student/developer working on them. Even Gartner has concluded… Read More
Round 1: IBM Cognitive Ability Assessment approximately 30 minutes. It consists of 5 games: Shortcuts (AIM: Move Blue Marble to the Stars) Gridlock (AIM: Fill… Read More
This year Nutanix was there to hire an intern to convert for the SRE role on my Pool campus. I was not offered but was… Read More
Oracle GBU came to hire an Associate Software Engineer/ Application Developer from our campus in August 2021 and the whole process was virtual. The whole… Read More
Overview: SAP Labs is a German-based multinational software corporation. It develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP is the largest non-American… Read More
Round 1: Technical Interview Round 1 First-round was with a Senior Computer Scientist who started with C++ fundamentals: Copy Constructor Move Constructor Shared pointers Virtual… Read More
Accolite Digital started their drive at our college through SheCodes hiring on August 2021. Role: Software Engineer Drive: SheCodes Offer-type: Internship+FTE Round 1: Online MCQ… Read More
Round 1: Online coding test Round one consisted of 2 coding questions. Given an array and a value K, find the count of elements lesser… Read More
Round 1: Online Assessment Hacker-rank platform (20 MCQs on computer science subjects (Computer Network, Operating system, DBMS) + 2 coding questions – medium level) 14… Read More
I’ll be sharing my experience with the recruitment process I went through for Accolite Digital in the month of September 2021. Interview Process: In total… Read More
Coding Round: The online test was on HackerRank. There were 3 questions. You have to prepare a pizza. There are some crusts and toppings given.… Read More
Interview On Superset platform for Full Stack Software Developer Java  40 min (Female Interviewer) Round 1: Interview 1 Verification using Adhar Card. Introduce yourself. Tell… Read More
The recruitment consists of two rounds. The first one is a written test and another is the interview. Round 1: Written Test The test consists… Read More
I applied in Odessa through campus in august 2021. The full process took 2 weeks. First Round was 40 MCQs and 2 Coding Questions (Medium)… Read More
Hello Everyone, I will be sharing with you all the entire experience about my summer internship selection as a Technology Intern at American Express. I… Read More