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Gblog What is System Design – Learn System Design
System Design is the core concept behind the design of any distributed systems. System Design is defined as a process of creating an architecture for… Read More
For decades, a college education was the “golden ticket” to the dream of high earnings, a comfortable lifestyle, and better job security. But in the… Read More
We all know that there are different types of workers, which are usually classified based on several parameters. For example, government workers are classified based… Read More
AdWords vs. AdSense: What’s the difference between these two advertising platforms set by Google? Even though these two terms sound similar but they’ve stark contrasts.… Read More
The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national-level exam that assesses the complete understanding of several undergraduate subjects in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Science/Commerce/Arts. GATE 2023 is… Read More
American Express visited our college for a 6-month internship + PPO. Round 1: Resume Shortlisting Round 2: Technical Interview 1 Round 3: Technical Interview 2… Read More
Round 1- Online Technical Test: Including aptitude questions and Technical based MCQs and 1 Coding Ques. Paper was of Total Marks:- 30. Round 2- Online-interview… Read More
 Genpact conducted the on-campus drive in our college. It started with the pre-placement talk in which they told us about their organization, the technology Genpact… Read More
I have recently given a Personal interview for LUMENCI (Associate Consultant). And I will tell my experience through this article. There are five rounds for… Read More
Chain stores or multiple stores are retail networks owned and operated by manufacturers or intermediaries. A number of shops with similar appearances are established in… Read More
Given arrays A[] and B[] each of length N and A[i] has all the elements from 1 to N, the task is to check if… Read More
Given an arr[] of length N, the task is to make parity of arr[] the same by using the below-provided operation: Select a subarray containing… Read More
Given a BST (Binary Search Tree) with N Nodes, the task is to find the maximum absolute difference between the sibling nodes. Two nodes are… Read More
What are Departmental Stores? A department store is a large establishment that sells a wide range of products organised into distinct departments in order to… Read More
Given a grid of size N * M consisting of O’s and X’s. The task is to find the number of ‘X’ total shapes. Note:… Read More
A Heap:  “A Heap” refers to the heap data structure where we can store data in a specific order. Heap is a Tree-based data structure… Read More
Given a string str and pos and len that defines the starting and the length of the subarray. The task is to generate a substring… Read More
The Task is to generate a random number between 0 and 1. It is obvious that the number between 0 and 1 will be a… Read More

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