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Gblog First Step to DSA – Scholarship Test For 9 to 12 Class Students
“Start Early even if your destination is quite far away” – this success mantra always works for everyone whether it be a student, a sportsperson,… Read More
Automation Testing can be defined as a set of software testing activities in which test cases are executed and produced results are compared with the… Read More
Linux is an operating system just like Mac or Windows OS. A few years ago, it was primarily used for servers and wasn’t considered a… Read More
Hi all, Zscaler came for On-Campus Hiring in our College with two roles: DEV and DEVTEST. I was given the role of DEV JAVA API.… Read More Interview Experience  |  Associate Web Application Developer ( Fresher) I recently interviewed at for the role of Associate Web Application Developer. Since it… Read More
Lowe’s India hired this year through Codeathon on HackerEarth platform. Round 1: The first round comprised of 28 MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, and  2… Read More
Hello fellow Geeks! I’ll be sharing how I got selected as CX intern via Ideathon at Cisco(India). First of all, consistency is the key. Ideathon… Read More
First we have aptitude test as normal by other companies like Accenture, Wipro, TCS but difficulty level was low. Technical Interview: Starts with introduction Paradigms… Read More
Given an positive integer N, the task is to find the number of triplets (X, Y, Z) such that the sum of product of any… Read More
Given a string S consisting of N lowercase characters and character ‘?’ and a positive integer K, the task is to replace each character ‘?’… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to find the two smallest integers A and B such that the Bitwise XOR of A and… Read More
Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers, the task is to check if the sum of K most frequent array elements and the sum… Read More
Given a string S consisting of N digits, the task is to find the number of distinct Prime Numbers that can be formed using the… Read More
Given an array A[] consisting of N integers and two integers X and Y, the task is to find the maximum sum of the averages… Read More
Given two positive integers A and B, the task is to find the minimum number of increments/decrements required to be performed on either A or… Read More
Given a range [L, R], the task is to find all the numbers from the range [L, R] whose digits are consecutive. Print all those… Read More