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SAP labs Interview experience FTE(On-Campus)

Last Updated : 30 Jul, 2019
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SAP labs came to College of Engineering, Guindy for FTE and Internship on July 24th. My interview experience is as follows:

Round 1
This was an online round hosted in hacker rank. There were 25 MCQ’s revolving around DBMS, OS, OOP and basic Input-Output questions. In addition to that, there were two coding problems:
2. This was a dp problem related to palindromic substrings.

Tip: Always attempt coding first, as this will give time to think and give the right approach. Remember, coding always carries more weight-age. I solved one coding question fully and passed a few test cases in the second question. I was shortlisted to the next round along with 32 other students.

Round 2(Technical)
They had my resume and I was asked to explain my projects. He started asking generic questions related to DBMS.
He gave a scenario with certain constraints and I was asked to design a normalized database schema. After this, he asked me to write 5 queries. He seemed satisfied with what I wrote.
He moved on to OOP concepts and asked me why do we choose object-oriented programming over procedural programming. I explained the features and told him the distinction. After this, he moved on to Operating systems and asked me what is virtual memory?

Tip: Be confident when you answer! Even if you don’t know certain concepts well, you can always tell what you know!

Round 3(Technical)
I was called to round 3 after two hours. He had my previous round’s feedback along with my resume. He introduced himself and asked me to say something about myself which couldn’t find in my resume, thereby making the air comfortable for me.
He gave me a string related problem and asked me to write code. I used a simple method. He asked me to find the time complexity and optimize using a different data structure. I used a stack. He was satisfied and moved on to OOP concepts.
He tested my knowledge of inheritance and other concepts like polymorphism. He then asked me the difference between Abstract classes and interface and asked me to provide real-life examples!
Finally, he asked me if I had any questions for him, I asked him tips for a young developer like me.

Tip: When you think, think out loud as this will help the interviewer know how much you know and what approaches you use while thinking.

Round 4(Managerial)
This round is similar to hr round but this is basically to check which domain you’ll fit in. I was asked to write a simple code related to palindrome and give test cases on my own. There were a couple of other questions like Why SAP? What’s my life goals? Strengths and weakness?. They’ll give you different situations and you have to tell your approach.

Round 4(HR)
It was already 9.30 pm when I was called to the final round. HR apologized and started the round with questions from my resume. Again the usual questions regarding my background and my life goals. It was a smooth sail.

Tip: Never assume you’re selected if you make it to HR round, as every round is an elimination round.

They announced the results after one hour and I was one of the 7 students who they hired as Full-Time Employee! Big thanks to geeks for geeks interview archives that helped me bag this offer!

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