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SAP Labs Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021

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SAP Labs visited our campus in August 2021 for the position of Developer Associate. It had total of 5 rounds including  coding round.

Round 1(Coding Test): It consisted of 2 coding questions in 45 min. According to me the first one was quite easy and the second was medium.

1. Given an array and you have to print all the even numbers before all the odd numbers.

2. Given an expression consisting of power and modulo terms. Basically, you have to use the fast power modulation method to find the value of the expression.

I had solved both the questions.

Tip: As the level of questions is quite easy so you have to give the best-optimized solution taking care of the time taken to solve them.

Total of 40 students got shortlisted for the interview rounds.

All the interviews were carried on MS Team.

Round 2(Technical Round 1): It was of 50 min. First, the interviewer gave his introduction and then asked mine. After that, he asked some questions on OOPs.

1. What is the difference between C and C++? Which one is better and why?

2. What is Encapsulation and abstraction?

3. What is runtime polymorphism? Explain with code. He wanted me to write the whole code and then explain it. After this, he directly jumped to DSA questions.




I was able to answer all the questions correctly. Within 1 hour, I got mail for 2nd round.

Round 3(Technical Round 2): This round was fully DSA based and the duration was 35 min. After the introduction, he asked me to share my screen and open any code editor and asked 2 coding questions.


I gave him a solution by finding the middle and then reverse the second part of the LL and then compare the elements one by one. He was satisfied with my solution but asked me to give another approach that will not change the original linked list, after thinking for 2 min, I gave him a recursion approach. He was satisfied. I wrote the code only for the first approach as he understood what I meant to explain.


He asked me to directly give the optimized solution and write the code for the same.

As we were left with only 5 min, he asked me to explain my projects which I had written in my resume.

I solved both the questions and also explained my approach quite good so I was confident that I will be shortlisted for the next round. Within 1 hour, I got mail for the managerial round.

Round 4(Managerial Round): She was very polite and humble. She made me comfortable by asking how was my day, must be tired as all the rounds happened on the same day. She had my resume in front of her. She started asking questions about my projects. As my projects are on web development, she asked me what more functionality can I add to my Project. Then some general questions like

1. Which is your dream company? She also asked to justify why that company is my dream.

2. How can you help people in this pandemic? Any idea.

3. As I am from ECE, she asked why I want to go into the software?

Many more questions which I don’t remember now. This round went for 35-40 min. At last, she asked if I had any questions for her .I asked her few questions related to work culture, hierarchy in SAP, Tech stacks on which freshers will work. She gave very good answers of all and this went for around 15 min. At Last, she wished me luck and said whichever company I will join, keep learning.

This made me sad as this doesn’t look like a good sign but as I had answered most of the questions to my best with full confidence, I waited for the HR round mail and after 30 min at 7:30 pm, I got mail for HR round which was scheduled at 7: 45.

Round 5(HR Round): This round was only for 25 min. This round was very relaxing. We had a very light discussion.

1. Introduction

2. Why SAP? What do you know about SAP? Any SAP product name?

3. Where is SAP belongs to?

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years?

5. He asked my Location preference.

At last, he said he will see me on board. I can’t express how I felt after hearing this. The feeling was so amazing and at the same time, I felt that all the hard work finally paid off.

12 students got the final offer and I was lucky to be one of them.

Tips: Keep calm and answer politely with confidence. Keep a smile on your face. Just practice DSA and you will rock.

Good Luck!

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2023
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