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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 16 (On campus)

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My interview experience was as follows: Round 1- Online Test (Time: 90 min)
  1. Psychometric test
  2. Analytical Aptitude
  3. Design Aptitude
  4. Testing
  5. Essay
  6. Coding Questions – 2
Try out coding first as they carry more weightage and before attempting them read the compiler instructions carefully. Round 2- Technical Interview (Time: 1 hr)
  1. Difference between procedural and OOPs programming paradigm.
  2. OOPs concepts.
  3. Implement inheritance in C++.
  4. Difference between structure and a class.
  5. Can we implement polymorphism in a structure?
  6. How to connect to a database in Java.
  7. Is implementing individual connection better than having a common connection (a global connection variable) to a database.
  8. ACID properties.
  9. Explain about projects. (I have mostly worked on Web –Apps).
  10. How to optimise a website, both in terms of front-end and back-end.
  11. Explain the security factors to be considered for database.
  12. What is SQL injection?
  13. Explain branching in Git (as I had mentioned using git in my resume).
  14. Convert a binary tree to linked list (use a most optimum type of list).
  15. What is a friend class?
  16. What is dynamic binding?
  17. Explain different services of an Operating System.
  18. Explain memory management.
  19. Explain different keys in database.
  20. What is primary key? How is it different from unique key?
  21. Explain foreign key with example.
  22. What are relations and attributes?
  23. The interviewer gave two tables and asked the cardinality of relation.
  24. Any Questions for me.
Round 3- Managerial Interview (Time: 45 min)
  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Explain about your projects.
  3. What are the problems faced by you during teamwork.
  4. What are the problems you faced as a team lead.
  5. What kind of people you don’t like working with?
  6. Asked about one the projects in detail.
  7. Asked about co-curricular activities and other non-technical work from my resume.
  8. Why SAP?
  9. Any offers from other companies?
  10. Any Questions for me.
Round 4- HR Interview (Time: 40 min)
  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Given a situation where farmers are committing suicide at a high rate use your technical knowledge to help farmers are reduce the rate upto considerable extent.
  3. How would you design an alarm clock for a person who is deaf?
  4. Do you like to write code from scratch or like to work on a code that already exists.
  5. What is cloud computing?
  6. Some casual talk.
  7. Any Questions for me.
  All interviewers were helpful and nice. Be confident and be attentive in placement talk. SAP interviewers deeply check into resumes, so be quite sure on the topics you have mentioned. After the process, the interviewers took new recruits for a dinner. I would like to thank geeks for geeks for archive of previous interviews that helped me during the process.  

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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