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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 13 (On-Campus)

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I had SAP Labs first round on 10th Oct 2015(ON-CAMPUS).

The first round consisted of 15 logical reasoning numerical questions which were bit tough i felt as i never practiced apti (mainly consisted of relationships qns, people sitting around a round table who is beside whom(some thing of this kind qns 5-6).


10 Questions on picture viewing , like
1. given 3 bags picture, select the one which best suites a girl/lady for regular use ,
2. What is hidden in BASKIN ROBINS symbol(they will display symbol also) ans: a number 13
3. what can u see in KINGFISHER symbol etc…

4 questions on Software engineering(qns on water fall model , black box testing) and one testing question
(i got it on quick sort).

Finally had two coding questions
1. Given {“hello”,”aaa”,”hi”} display 1 if reverse of a string exists in the input else 0.
ans: here reverse(“hello”)=”olleh” which is not in input , so display 0
similarly for “aaa” , u should display 1.

2.i dont remember the question , but logic was easy. given 4 as input find its factorial i.e, soln=16
now do soln = soln – 1;
finally display soln*soln;

The people who solved more than 1 and a half codes got shortlisted for developer interview and the people
who solved less than 1 code got shortlisted for consultancy.

Note:The have their own compiler, so dont worry about complexity just solve it.


After two days had interviews.

1 F-F Interviw: (technical)

No introduction nothing , directly asked classes in c and explain
2.many questions on pointers
3.switch statement questions
4.program to display reverse of a number by not using the instruction rev=rev*10+rem ;
ans: just display remainder each time and divide by 10 till number becomes 0
5.features of C++ and explain
6.write a program to keep track of number of objects created
ans: use static variable and increment in constructor
7.program on function overloading in c++
8. wap in c for given INDABCINDAKLND as an input string stored in singly linked list , whenever D and A is found
immediately in a string , insert I in between D and A.

2 F-F Interview: (technical)

1.introduce urself
2.Explain the features of OOP
3.Many questions on abstract classes and interfaces , like why is interfaces needed and explain with real time example
4.If input string is ABCDJKCBJ and char is B, wap to to display two strings i.e,one string left to B and other right of B

5.Given a array as input lets say A={1,2,-4,-1,0,5,-7,0,3,0} find the subarray with product of all numbers is max.
ans: sort it first {-7,-4,-1,0,0,0,1,2,3,5}
sub array is {-7,-4,1,2,3,5}
6.Explain bubble sort
7.Many questions on data structures as my project was based on DS.
8.Explain one of my project


3 F-F Interview:

1. Design a database of Dell which customizes the products
2.Few queries on it


4 F-F HR:

1.Introduce urself
2.have u ever worked in team
3.whether u wish to work individual or in team and why??
4.what will u do if u have conflicts in your project team?
5.Few technical questions to check my confidence level , like which among C , C++ and JAVA is faster and why?
why C is used in implementation of OS even though its not as secured as C++ and JAVA?
6.Explain linked list to a lame person.
7.Do u have any other offers , if so why will u join us.
8.A puzzle , a bat and a ball together costs 1 Rs 10 paise , and a bat alone costs one Rupee more than ball ,then wat
is the price of ball(with out using pen and paper).

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Last Updated : 09 May, 2019
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