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SAP Labs Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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Hi, I had my SAP interview in 2020, and they were providing us the WILP (MTech.) option for 4 years.

1st Round (Online Test): The round was an online assessment in which there were 2coding questions and the rest were the basic questions of c, c++ concept and surely it was an easy round and I would suggest you all kindly attempt those coding questions (at least try).

From my BCA batch, almost 16 students were selected for the same.

2nd Round (Technical interview 1): For me, it was the complete coding round based upon the Resume that interviewer asked me 3 coding questions about JavaScript code

  1. One question of coding over the inheritance
  2. And the last one was on the basis of the database (er diagrams)  

After this 3 students got selected  

3rd Round (Technical interview 2): This was again a tough round in which the interviewer asked questions

  1. Templates
  2. DBMS, Anomalies, Normalization, Redundancy, Joins,  
  3. OOPS, concepts
  4. 2 Puzzles (includes Coke+Pepsi statement)  
  5. 2 Programming  — Loop of a link list, Recursion type
  6. Stack memory, Heap memory
  7. Role in the Projects mentioned in Resume 

After this round only I got selected  

4th Round (HR Interview): This was totally based upon you, they judge your confidence, Why SAP, What is SAP, and so on. Why are you choosing SAP WILP rather than doing a normal MCA or MTech degree? Remember they will going to tell you that it’s very hard and all but you have to stick over your words and should show up all your confidence.

Thanks, that’s all  

All the best.

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2021
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