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SAP Labs Interview Experience

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Online Assessment Round: 15 MCQ questions and 2 coding questions were asked. In MCQ, questions were from Aptitude, DS, CN, and DBMS.

  • Coding 1: Count the distinct pairs with a difference equal to k.
  • Coding 2: I don’t remember exactly this.

To solve coding 1, either use a sorting algorithm or just use two-loop.

Interview Rounds: Two coding round(tech round), managerial round, and HR round. Coding, round-1 was on hacker rank, and the remaining rounds were on Microsoft Teams meeting.

Tech Round-1: [ 30 mins]

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. DBMS query question: two tables were given candidate(id, name, gender, age) and results(candidate_id, votes,….) find the sum of votes of those candidates whose age<50 and gender is female. (select sum(votes) from candidates inner join results on where candidate.age<50 and candidate.gender=’F’;
  3. String question: Three strings are given concatenate them in alphabetical order.
  4. Pattern Matching Approach. (I explained two approaches, Naive and KMP)
  5. Explain your project, and problems encountered, and how did you fix them.

Tech Round-2: [ 40 mins ]

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Coding question: A string is given containing chars p,c,m,b (physics, chemistry, maths, biology), and these four chars form a group. Find out how many groups are possible in the given input. i/p: “pcmppcmb”, “ppccmmbb”, pmppc”, etc. [ Just count the all occurrences of p,c,m,b, and return min].
  • Oops concept: Inheritance, friend function/class, virtual function/abstarct class, etc.
  • DBMS query: two tables were given i.e, student, course. One query was based on join, and 2nd one was on GROUP BY and LIMIT clause.
  • Binary tree traversal: Find preorder, postorder, and explain recursive behavior.
  • Write the code to find min element, height, level order traversal, print leaf node, and insert an element, for binary search tree.
  • Project-related questions.

Managerial Round: [ 30 mins ]

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Strength and weakness and why?
  • Why did you choose to engineer?
  • Explain your project, and what are some major factors of your project. Whether you get the desired result or not? were you stuck at any point during implementation and how did you fix that?
  • Puzzle: a dataset is given(from 2000-2020) in which two columns are there i.e, noOfDOB, noOfDeath, then find out max population year?, and How do you implement this?
  • Suppose SAP has three posts vacancies for ML, IoT and PROGRAMMER then which one will you choose and why? if you didn’t get your desired post then what will you do?
  • In my resume I had written reading practical and proven books as a hobby then he asked those books name/writer and what did you find most interesting?

I was rejected after the managerial round. I was shocked, what went wrong, which results in rejection.

Suggestions: Since I was able to solve all the questions of both the technical rounds, then also I was rejected. It may be because of the managerial round, and Vipin sir(managerial round interviewer) may not be satisfied with my answers. 

In the managerial round:

  1. Personal questions answer must be related to your professional life, and you should also explain with one incident which makes you realize. For example, if you explained your weakness then you should also explain that you are working on that to improve.
  2. If they asked, why did you choose to engineer then you should say something logical. Don’t say like I had no other option, my father suggested to me, my relative suggested to me, etc. I said I read a book that inclined my interest in engineering.

Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020
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