SAP Labs Interview Experience

Hi All, I have been interviewed at SAP Labs, Bangalore for a contract position with Java Skill Set. I am having 2.5 years experience in Full Stack Web Development.

Round 1: 
Technical Round
All the basics of Core Java –Tip: Be Strong in Fundamentals
OOPS concepts should explain clearly– Tried to confuse me in interfaces but I am clear on the basics.
Collection Framework –HashMap and ArrayList importantly
Multi-threading : write code on that
how to sort data in a class– Comparator and Comparable interfaces usage -asked to write code for the same.

Round 2: 
Technical Round

Asked about my previous projects and architecture and workflow of the project.
Coding questions on Sorting and Searching and improving time complexities after writing the code.
Design Patterns — Singleton and factory , I said, I only know these two – asked to write code for the same.
Few Database related questions on select and on join queries.
Interviewer did seem satisfied after I answered all the question though I took sometime to think.
Asked, if I have any questions,
I asked about the project which I would be working on.
He said HR will get back to you.

Round 3:
I did not have a very specific round for HR as it was a contract position.
She said we will get back to you as there are many people waiting to be interviewed.
I started to go back home and I got a call to submit the documents for verification.

Hurray! I am selected. I forgot to mention I do have a career gap but the interviewer is very clear on  that -If you are strong in fundamentals we do not care about anything.

Tips: Answer Confidently, they will help and confuse you as well but don’t panic.
Be very strong in fundamentals.


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