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SAP Interview Experience | Set 33 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:


Tell us about yourself.

What is denormalization and what is the reason of its popularity now-a-days?

Gave a tabular result and asked to design an ER-diagram for the same and then to write a query for that result.

Tell the difference between Java and C++ from user perspective.

Given an array with integer elements(also 0’s). Code to shift all the 0’s to the end of the array.
Given a sorted linked list, write a code or algorithm to insert and delete an element in and from this list.

The clock shows the time 3:15. Find the angle between them.

There are 2 candles, each will burn in 60 minutes, how can you measure 45 minutes out of those two?

There are two jugs of 5 litres and 7 litres respectively. Measure 4 litres out of them. Similar question:

Round 2:

Managerial Round

This round is fully based on real scenarios and they will judge how you react in certain mentioned circumstances. It is totally based on your presence of mind and how witty answers you can give with justifications.

It is pretty easier to clear if you have a clear reasoning for each answer you give.

Round 3:

HR Round

This is just to see your working interests, individually as well as in group.

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