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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 20 (For Internship)

Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2016
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Round 1: Online Test (105 mins)

The online test comprised of six sections –

  1. Psychometric Test ( Time Limit : 10 minutes)

  2. Coding Questions (2 Questions of 20 marks and 40 marks each)

  3. Design Problems

  4. General Awareness

  5. Quantitative Aptitude

  6. Testing & Debugging Questions

The trick is to solve at least one coding question successfully and not to skip psychometric test. In the psychometric test, same question can be asked in different ways again and again so you have to make sure you are giving same answer in each one of them.

12 students were shortlisted after this round for interviews. It took more than two months to start the interview process.

Round 2: Telephonic Technical Interview (50 Minutes)

The interviewer was friendly and calm. She touched all the subjects I had learnt in my course. The interview started with “introduce yourself” question and it dove in the direction my introduction took it. She asked about my projects, my role in the projects, technologies used, if I was able to deliver on time ,what was my preferred method of doing it and why did I think that method is best. I mentioned in my introduction that I have a technology blog, so some discussion on that also happened.

Then the interviewer started testing my technical knowledge. Following questions were asked.

  1. Error handling in C and C++

  2. Web technologies used in industry

  3. Debugging code

  4. SDLC phases

  5. Testing life cycle

  6. Garbage collector and how it works

  7. How to make a system secure

  8. Collection package in java

  9. OOPS concepts, whether OOPS is used in real world also? How is it useful?

  10. Copy Constructors

  11. Operator overloading

  12. Macros

  13. Calloc vs Malloc with example

  14. TCP/IP

  15. Different kinds of communication systems, the common challenges and how to face them.

  16. Questions about online courses I had done.

The results of round 2 were announced after a week and the next interview took another week to happen.

Round 3: Telephonic Technical Interview (30 minutes)

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. Then he asked about my project, my role in it, what modules I developed, technology used, how many other people were there with me in the project. Then I was asked about Object slicing, dynamic/restrictive/static typecasting, inheritance, composition, difference between interface and abstract class with examples, virtual functions, difference between a project and product, SDLC phases, polymorphism, are C++ and Java fully object oriented, which language does not support multiple inheritance.

Then he moved on to some HR questions like

  1. Why I chose the degree I am doing

  2. What are my hobbies

Then he asked a guess estimate question that if there is a new restaurant in my locality having population of 1 lakh people, how many people can I expect in a day. For any number given, he asked the reason why this estimate only and why not other.

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