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SAP Labs Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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SAP Labs visited our college for hiring students for the Scholar@SAP profile. It is a WILP(Work Integrated Learning Program) course that aims to provide 2 years of work experience on industrial SAP projects as well as an M-Tech degree in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. In the given program, weekdays are completely dedicated to corporate work and on weekends, M-Tech classes are conducted.

The overall hiring process was dissected into 4 rounds –

  1. Online Coding Round
  2. Technical Round 1
  3. Technical Round 2
  4. HR Round

Online Coding Round(406 candidates) – This round is comprised of 2 coding questions and 15 multiple choice questions for which we have dedicated 90 mins with HackerRank as the platform. The difficulty level of coding questions was medium.

  • Write an efficient program to find the sum of contiguous subarray within a one-dimensional array of numbers that has the largest sum(
  • It was a string manipulation question where the given string had to go through needful changes to meet the required constraints.

The 15 MCQs were based on OOPS, DBMS, Data Structures, Computer Networks. The difficulty level of MCQs varied from easy to hard. 

Technical Round 1(37 candidates) – The interview platform was the HackerRank Code pair. The interviewer uploaded a problem statement in the problem section. I was given 30 mins to code and run as many test cases as I could. 

  • The problem statement was – Find the index of an element in an array such that the sum of the left array is equal to the sum of the right array ( 
  • Then the interviewer shared an employee database table and asked me to write a SQL query for given requirements. The SQL query was a bit complex and required a nested-nested IN operator. 
  • In the end, I was asked about my knowledge of Cloud Computing.

Note – It is very important to consistently interact with the interviewer and explain our thought process even while coding.

Technical Round 2(20 candidates) – It was a 30 mins interview. The interviewer touched on all the important topics like OOP, DBMS, Data Structures.

  • OOP – Interviewer shared his screen and asked me multiple variations of access specifiers in C++. Understanding of public, private, protected was checked. Abstract class and Interface in JAVA were briefly asked.
  • DBMS – Interviewer asked me to make a database schema of the IPL Fantasy League. I considered that one candidate can have multiple teams and added constraints to the team as it can have at max one 1 WK, 4 Bowlers, 4 Batsman, 3 All-rounders. I designed 3 tables – Leaderboards, teams, Candidates with associated attributes.
  • Data Structures – Write a program to replace Linked List 2 in Linked List 1 at given i and j.
    Input: L1-(10,20,30,40,50,60,70)
                  i    j
    Output : L1-(10,20,11,22,33,44,55,60,70)
    Explanation: sub-list of L1 from 
    i to j is replaced with L2.

HR Round(11 candidates) – There were 2 HRs in the panel. The following questions were asked –

  • They questioned me on my resume, certifications, achievements, future plan.
  • Explain how will you manage the job and higher studies at the same time?
  • My knowledge about SAP was checked.
  • Explain any one of your projects which you feel is closest to you.
  • Questions based on strengths, weaknesses, and potential were asked. The whole and sole aim of the discussion is to scrutinize your communication skills and confidence.

All the best!

Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2021
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