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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus)

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Recently SAP Labs Bangalore visited our college for campus placements. There were 4 rounds of Interview and Online Written test. Following is the procedure and tips how I got selected.

Round 1- Online Test (Time: 105 min)

1 Psychometric test (10 Minutes fixed time for this)
This test consists of very simple MCQs to judge your personality .Questions were like:
Do you like to talk to strangers? Do you freak out when things are not your way? How much interested you are in music?
2. Analytical Aptitude
Normal Aptitude questions on Time and work, Arrangements and simple time and distance , Direction Sense test.

3.Design Aptitude
There are questions like which type of watch ,purse suits for lawyers and other professionals. You can easily figure it out by looking at the images.

4. Testing
Code is given and by looking a the code you need to check the code if the code is working accordingly or not. I would suggest to attempt it at last because it is very hard to predict.

5. Essay
Topics like- Inflation, Social Network(Pros and Cons) , Information Technology.

6. Coding Questions – 2
My questions were
1)To tell if the number consists of duplicate digits.
2)Bleak Number
At least one question needs to be solved to clear the written round. 36 were selected from this from 200 students.

Round 2 Technical Interview I (1Hr 30Min)

She was very Interactive and was helpful too. Properly explained the questions and was a very good listener. She was cool and loved all cool stuff as she said.

1) Be Thorough with your resume each and every detail was asked. First she asked tell me something that is not in the Resume.
2) ER Diagram of Database Project was asked. Conversion to Relational Model. What you did in that project? Explanation Intended with good Technical jargons.
3) Client Server Architecture full details
4) How Internet Works and page request travels over the network (TCP/IP ) stack details
5) Program to print decimal to binary(Recursive and non recursive)
6) Every details of every project was asked.
7) A pattern was asked along with different logics for printing triangle star and rectangle.
8) It all depends in this round how good you know about projects and technologies.
9) Discussion on JavaScript, PHP
10) ACID Properties.

At last she asked some questions about family and profession of family. Do you have any questions and a firm handshake and over

After sometime I came to know about that I cleared First round and I waited for Second round. 18 Cleared this round.

Round 2 Technical Interview II(1Hr 15Min)

He was Cloud Expert and mainly discussed on technology.

1) Tell me something that is not in your Resume
2) Why you have not included it.
3) What offers do you have from previous Companies.
4) Discussion on Agile Development, Android Applications
5) Career Goals – What you want after 4 years and how you are working on it.
6) How you see ads on Facebook(Do you know how it is done).
7) Program for finding sorting
8) Some SQL queries like Index Creation, Second max salary , Transactions and Serializibility.
9) What is Operating system?
10) Virtual Memory -How it is implemented (Demand Paging), Size of swapped Partition.
11) Normal Questions – Does your family scold you? How you handle disagreements in group? How you handle Stress?
12)Discussion On Clouds.

At last asked for coffee or Sandwich which I denied. Any Questions???
I asked about his career at SAP and Promotion criteria at SAP. I cleared this round too.
12 cleared this round.

Round 2 Managerial Round(1Hr 15Min)

It was Stress Interview. He was Very Surprisingly sitting and giving angry response. But he was actually good. This was Elimination Round .7 got though this.

1) Introduce your family. Where are you from and where you live ?
2) Any Achievements???To which I said I had told about offer from largest Consultancy.
3)Suggestions on any project for Development of Indore (Where I Live.)??
4) Why SAP if already Placed?
5)Maintain your cool in this Interview and Be as Innovative as you can!!
6) Project Ideas in good way with communication skills.
7) How you cope with arguing friends?
8)Some general behavioral questions.

Any Questions??? Firm Handshake and Over.

HR Round

Simplest of all but most intriguing.

1) About Family.
2) Case Study:
A friend has cheated you with stealing your idea and he is your best friend for 16 years .How will you cope up with this.
Good Discussion was done.
3) Hobbies and Interests
4) Career Goals.

At Last 6 were selected.

Some general tips are
->Be Honest and Verbose
->Practice HR questions as well .They are asked in technical round also.
->Be ready to learn any Technology and Never say No.
->Speak as much as you can.
->Don’t bother if he is listening or not just speak your ideas. Don’t get annoyed.

Be confident and be attentive in placement talk. SAP interviewers deeply check into resumes, so be quite sure on the topics you have mentioned. After the process, the interviewers took new recruits for a dinner.

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Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019
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