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SAP Labs Interview Experience

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Round 1: Duration: 1 hour

Went through my project and asked few basic questions regarding my project

  • One coding Question: Double Ended Queue

Information: The deque stands for Double Ended Queue. Deque is a linear data structure where the insertion and deletion operations are performed from both ends.

  • One system design question: How would you design LinkedIn.

Round 2: Duration: 1 hour

This round was all about behavioural questions. Had to do role play to guide how to use remote control (interviewer keep insisted on that he does not want to use remote at all). Felt like stress testing.

Round 3: Duration: 1 hour

Asked for my project recap. Also I have been asked if there any other possible ways which I can think of to improve my current project, what would be my next step if I continue to work on my project

  • One coding question: LFU cache implementation with k size


  • One data structure question: What is Trie?
  • One question on API design

Round 4: Duration: 1 hour

I was asked two questions based on system design

  • Question 1: Design traffic light System and there is a follow up question for this which I don’t remember(my bad).
  • Question 2: Design Interview Processing System

Last Updated : 03 Aug, 2023
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