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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 14 (On-Campus)

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SAP Labs On-Campus Interview Experience : Round 1 : (Online test) – 105min. MCQs of Analytical (Circular/2 row seating arrangement ,Relationships etc.), Design Aptitude ,Testing Aptitude , 2 Coding Qs.
  • (Any number x + no.of active bits in binary representation of x) = y .Then y is said to be supported number and is supported by x.
  • And if a number is not supported by any other number , then it is said to be bleak number. Now given test cases of numbers ,you have to print whether a number is supported or bleak.
  • Given some sequence find next missing number in it.
Further rounds are Personal Interviews : Don’t remember the Qs round wise. So, writing questions asked in all rounds topic wise. 2 technical rounds were of 1.5hr and 1 hr. Every round started with — tell me about yourself, discussion on projects ..
  • Design Mall database (ER Diagram) … and then tables and gave me a query to write from tables i wrote. Told me that query can be made better for that normalisation has to be properly done. and told me to do it.Whole this design part took lot of time.Mean while asked about types of normalisation and explain anomalies.
  • Students table , students in ABVP group , students in IEEE group. Given tables …. decide what are the attributes in each tables by yourself and write query to obtain students in both groups. attributes and query written should be simple and minimal.
After writing query , saw the join which i wrote and asked about inner,natural,outer joins.
  • All SDLC Models ..
  • Deep discussion on agile , XP, Scrum
  • Java exceptions , Exception handling
  • asked for throw -throws example with small snippet of code.
  • throw vs throws and try catch.
  • Start — tell me everything in OOP , dont pause in between till i say.
  • — started telling him 4 concepts – abstraction ,encapsulation ..etc
  • Explain inheritance to a layman with an example – not even one technical term was to be used.
  • C vs Java
  • Operator Overloading
  • Constructor Overloading
  • What exactly a constructor does?
  • Copy Constructor.
  • Access modifiers in java
  • Example of private usage
  • Finalize method
  • What is garbage collection ? when do we perform it ? various techniques..
  • Memory management in OS .. and need for it?
  • A bit about virtual memory and paging.
  • What is a Deadlock and conditions for a deadlock (4 conditions of deadlock mutex,hold nd wait,circular wait , ). How do you remove it? — told about deadlock avoidance , prevention… talked a bit about safe , unsafe states and techniques to remove those 4 conditions so as to eliminate deadlock.
  • Heapsort , Bubble sort codes.
  • Gave a sample set and asked which sort best applies on this.
  • then a quick discussion on merge vs quick sort – complexities. nd counting sort.
  • Different linked lists and which to use when… applications of all – told everything about single ,double ,XOR ,circular ,stack ,queue
  • Swap without using temp variable.
  • Check for 2 strings are anagrams or not.
  • A Systematic program to automatically switch on/off lights when person comes in/goes out.(Consider hardware implemented in a class).
  • Box with silver , gold ,s/g … labelled incorrectly …. puzzle -http://www.techinterviewpuzzles.com2013/07/three-mislabeled-jars-problem.html
  • A confusing verbal statement about family tree – had to find number of girls in family – just understand statement and math equations were to be formed.
  • Hot sunny day , a bridge with a car on it weighing 1000kg .Also bridge can weigh only 1000KG not even 1gm extra it breaks otherwise. A crow weighing 400gm comes and sits on it what happens?
  • You with a car and three people ur lover, a old lady immediately needs to be in hospital , a best friend who needs to go to airport for a job interview in his dream company. All other people in city are busy in some strike – they cant be involved with you. You have only one extra seat in car .Who would you pick up. – Was able to solve it in 3rd attempt. *** Note :: there is a optimal solution where all three members’ requirements can be met.***
  • Three bulbs , three switches in another room – this was simple we all know. After solving this he tweaked problem a bit.
He then told me to thing as programmer who solves all corner cases … and gave me a case where u don’t know how many and which bulbs work or not.. Managerial round :
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • All you know about SAP.
  • How many rejections till now?
  • What is your Dream Company? Why?
  • What do you like most about your college?
  • Talked a bit about IITians , start ups … start up vs other major companies..which one do u prefer? and Why ? Projects and leaderships – Asked if i was a leader for any project and asked what was my role exactly rather than just technical how else were you helpful for team?
  • Picked up random words from resume and started discussion on it ….He kept prolonging discussion.
HR Round: Asked where do you see yourselves in 5 yrs. and then it was more of a casual talk about technologies, college life. Definitely not a typical HR Round.

Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2015
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