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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 30 (On Campus for Scholar@SAP Program)

Last Updated : 15 Oct, 2017
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This is my interview experience for Scholar@SAP program. You can read about this program here. There hire both Engineering and non engineering students. This interview experience is for Engineering students hiring.

Round 1: (Online Round) – 80 min (No negative marking was there)

This round was conducted on  October 4,  2017. 

Test Platform -Mettl

It consisted of 5 sections.

1. General Aptitude

2. Verbal Ability

3. Computer Skills

4. Coding Skills

5. Design aptitude

There were 2 coding questions in Coding Skills section. First Questions was based on fibonacci series for alphabets and second was based on coin change problem.

All the 5 sections were very easy.  Around 400-500 students gave this online test. They selected only 34 students for Interview Process.

TIP: Attempt both coding questions very carefully as you have to pass all the test cases for both questions.

Round 2: Technical  – 30 min

Round 2 was a Technical Interview/Test . In this interview they divided us in groups and conducted a pen-paper test. This test was to check the basic knowlendge of subjects.

There were 3 Questions in this and the time was 30 minutes.

Q1. Explain the various types of Inheritance. Give real life examples for each. Don’t give examples of shape, parents, car etc.

Q2. Design a database model for an Online Food Ordering website. (ER Diagram + schemas for all the tables)

Q3. Given an array of numbers. Divide this array into two different arrays one with prime no.s and other with non-prime no.s

It was an easy round but they eliminated 24 students in this round. Only 10 students went to next round.

Tip: Attempt important questions first.

Round 3: Technical (ONE on ONE) – about 50-55 min

 Round 3 was a One to One Technical Interview. Interviewer was very friendly. He asked me about my interests. Then he asked me to design a game. Game was like this: “There is a 3*3 matrix which contains no. from 1 to 99. These numbers are filled randomly and after every 20 seconds later matrix refills itself. Player is asked to input a number. If the number entered by the user is equal to the maximum of the numbers present in matrix at that time, then Player is awarded with +2 points. Otherwise 1 point is deducted from the score. Game continues until total score becomes negative.” I designed this game but i forgot the case when number generated by random function is already present in array. But once interviewer reminded me for that,  i corrected that too . Next was a puzzle related related with filling of numbers in a diagram. then next question was related with property of outside angle of a triangle. Then he asked me to write a program  to print all permutations of a given string. I wrote that too. This was last question for the interview.

It was an easy round but they eliminated only 1 student in this round. 9 students went to HR round.

Tip: Always tell what you are thinking to the interviewer, don’t be silent.

Round 4: HR -10 to 15 minutes

In HR interview  they asked general HR questions like your strengths, weakness, family background etc.  and then they asked about  company , SAP products, Why SAP? etc.

Out of 9 students, 6 students were selected but unfortunately i was not among them.

TIP: No tip as i was also not able to made through. 😉 ;-P

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