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SAP Labs Internship Interview Experience

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Coding Round: First round is coding round in which there would be 10 MCQ and 2 coding question. 17 students were selected for further round.

Technical Round 1: Second round would be of technical round. 

  • Questions are directly from GeeksforGeeks like you have to find the Kth smallest element in array in optimized way. 
  • So basic approach is just sort the array and find kth smallest element. But other approach is to use priority queue and using queue sort concept and they ask about basics of OOPS like polymorphism and encapsulation with real life example.

Technical Round 2: Third round is again technical round. 

  • Questions are from stack part. How to implement stack and in what concept stack works.
  • They ask about primary key, candidate key and foreign key. Then they give one basic question to reverse a string using stack.

4 students got selected in this round.

HR Round: Final round is HR round.

  • This round lasts for 15 minutes. 
  • Questions are-  will you would able to go to Bangalore for internship and what do you know about SAP culture and what do you like most in SAP. 

3 students got selected in this round.

I got selected.

Best of luck.

Last Updated : 05 May, 2022
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