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Cracking SAP Labs Interview for Scholar@SAP Program

Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020
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There are not many Interview experiences about the Scholar@SAP program on GFG for BCA/Bsc Students hence I would like to share my Interview Process. We came to know about SAP Scholar program through our College. There are usually 3 rounds, But there were 5 + 1 rounds for me may be due to pandemic online. 

Round 1(Written Test): This happened online on HackerRank Platform. The duration of the Online Test was about 60 minutes. There were 2 coding questions and 15 technical MCQs based on OOP concepts, DBMS, C, DSA, C++.

Tip: Try solving at least 1 coding question.

Round 2(Personal Interview, Technical Round 1): After clearing round 1, we had technical round 1 on HackerRank platform. The first question was “Tell me about yourself” and this was a common question in all the rounds. Questions on Abstraction, OOP concepts, Prefix and Postfix, Strings and arrays were asked. Along that we were asked to code 1 question and one Logical Reasoning question.

Questions were answerable, plus the interviewer really supported along the interview. 

Round 3(Personal Interview, Technical Round 2): This interview took place the next day on Microsoft Teams. It started with “Tell me about yourself” , the interviewer was really sweet yet stern. He asked me about my projects, Database questions, New technologies, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Strings, One coding question to analyze. Some system scaling questions.

He also asked “Why SAP?” finally round concluded with interviewer asking me if I had any questions for him.

Tip: Have a peek on up and coming technologies

Round 3(Personal Interview, Managerial Round): This happened the very next day on Teams, started with “Tell me about yourself”, the interviewer asked me about Why SAP, What are my strength and weaknesses, gave me some scenarios to analyze, asked me about how previous interviews went and again the interview ended with her asking if I had any questions. The HR was really sweet and supportive.

Round 4(HR discussion): This was a very small interaction where interviewer asked me about myself, my college and ended with her asking if I had any questions. It was just for 8 minutes.

Round 5: Final HR discussion: This took place after 2 days on Teams, The interviewer asked me about myself, my interests, He asked me to explain ML, AI to him in simple terms and asked me whether AI will reduce jobs. He also asked me  Why am I interested in the Program and asked me about SAP. The interview concluded after 20 minutes.

Finally, after a few days I was informed about my selection :), In conclusion, It is long, takes quite a lot of time but the whole process is rewarding. All interviewers were very friendly and supportive. Be thorough with your basics and don’t hesitate to ask interviewers for help. All the best;)

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