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SAP Labs Interview Experience | 2021 On-Campus

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SAP Labs visited our campus for Full-Time Employment for the role of Associate Developer/DevOps . So here is my journey from a reader to an interview writer and all thanks to geeksforgeeks .

Round 1(Online test) : This is basically an online test which will be conducted on HackerRank platform . Test pattern will be same i.e 10 technical MCQs from Operating Systems, Computer networks ,database management systems and data structures as well as  2 coding problems mostly from array and strings .Once you start the test ,you will just have 60 mins to complete it . Try to solve both the coding questions completely (brute force won’t work) . MCQs might be single correct or multiple correct .Overall the test pattern will be moderate.

Around 350 students appeared for the test and 27 were shortlisted for the next rounds.

Round 2 (Technical round 1) : The interview took place on an online HackerRank code pair platform. HackerRank code pair platform is basically a F2F interview on HackerRank platform where you have to solve coding problems . You can use the whiteboard available in that platform and explain your approach to the interviewer. Try to interact with the interviewer as much as possible and share your ideas and approach .  Even if you don’t get the correct output ,try giving some other approaches and higher your chances to get shortlisted 🙂

Then, he further asked a few questions on C pointers ,OOPs and Databases and some tools and technologies if you have used in your projects. This round lasted for  about 30-40 mins and around 14 were selected for the next technical round.

Round 3(Technical round 2): This interview took place on MS Teams. The interviewer was friendly and then the interview started with my introduction . Firstly ,he asked me to rate myself out of 5 in subjects like Operating Systems, Computer Networks, C,C++,Java and database management systems. I rated 3.5 for all the subjects except Java as i didn’t know much about it. Make sure you give correct ratings because further questions will be based on these ratings. 

Then he started with the technical questions. Some of them were:

1. He asked me about the ambiguity in inheritance (i.e hybrid inheritance) and solution to it. Next few questions were on runtime polymorphism . Make sure you know the use cases and real time examples of function overriding,operator overloading . Questions on abstract class and Virtual functions  . 

2. Explain the concept of classes and objects by taking the some real examples.

3.Why paging, difference between segmentation and paging. 

4. Difference between throw and throws . 

5. Linked list related questions like detection of loop .

6. How time and space complexity is measured.

7. Few Sql queries and questions on triggers.

8. Finally the discussion was on projects and few questions on it.

This round was about 40 mins and finally the interviewer ended this interview by asking me a puzzle .Please refer puzzles from geeksforgeeks. This round was also an elimination round and 7 students were selected from this round. 

Round 4(Managerial Round) : This was a F2F  interview on MS Teams. This round lasted for around 20-25 minutes. This round started with an introduction . More about my family and me , and rest of the time was spent on the projects mentioned in my resume. Make sure whatever is written in resume is true and you know every single line of it. Since this was an virtual so demonstration of my project and how it works. Later few situational questions were asked related to my college like given a chance what  would I like to improve in my college . Also  questions like what do you know about SAP? . And this whole interview was mainly on projects ,  This was an easy-going round and ended with me asking a couple of questions about his journey at SAP. 

Round 5(Hr Round) : This round was more about yourself so be yourself and have a smile  . Started with an introduction and about my family . He also asked me about what new technology  I learnt during this quarantine. For the next 10 mins the discussion was all about the company ,so make sure you know about SAP . At the end I asked him few questions about his experience and about job role they would be offering me . This round was short and fun.

The final results came out next day and 6 including me  were offered the FTE !

Tip: Be clear with computer science fundamentals and try to explain everything by giving Examples. 

Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2020
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