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SAP Interview Experience

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SAP is a German-based company that started as a start-up but has been established as one of the global leaders in the past years. The Scholar@SAP provides you a 2 years integrated MTech from BITS Pilani in software engineering along with working in SAP for 1.5 years. The 1.5 years of training includes a rotation phase in which the scholar is given a chance to work on 3 projects as chosen by him. After completing your 1.5 years of tenure based upon your performance you’ll be offered a permanent position with a good salary hike.

The Scholar@SAP selection is conducted in 3 rounds. 1st Coding round, 2nd Tech rounds and 3rd HR round.

Coding round

The coding round consists of 2 questions of medium level. It is an elimination round so if all the test cases pass, submit the solution. Also, your resume will play an integral part in this whole process, so keep it updated and be sure what to include and what not to.

Tech round(Tech-1 and Tech-2)

There are 2 tech rounds and both are elimination round. If you qualify for the 1st round then you’ll move to 2nd tech round. The questions will be completely based on whatever you have added to your resume. I was asked questions from the hackathons I participated in, about the project I’ve done or currently working on, questions from my certifications, and DSA concepts. If do not have much in your resume then you might be asked about CS fundamentals. So be prepared in advance.

Some questions that I was asked were:

  • What was your role in a hackathon?
  • Explain the projects you have done or currently working on.
  • Given a few coding questions to write the code on online compiler(Object creation, Array passing to object, a user-defined function to calculate a particular formula and call it in main function, why map function implementation, Reverse a string).
  • Question on APIs, have you ever created one?
  • Error codes (404, 200, etc series and their significance).
  • Do you like to work individually or work in a team?
  • Why participate in so many events? What do you get to learn from it?
  • The difference in array and arraylist.
  • Sorting, searching algorithms and their implementations.
  • Which loop/fucntion do you think is best for traversing objects in a given list? Why so?(I answered MAP(because of it’s key-value pair)).
  • SQL query to join 2 tables based on certain conditions.
  • Why AWS? What services does it provide?
  • How do you form a team for a hackathon and how do you plan before the D-Day?
  • Any questions for me?

(These are some of the few questions I was asked in my both my tech interviews. Each interview is around 30 mins long. So you’ll be asked a lot.)

At last, make sure to let them know why you are interested in it. Show your passion and excellence to be the best fit for the Scholar program.

Vocational training and HR round

It is the final round that will determine whether you’ll be selected for the program or not. The HR basically would see your attitude towards the program and your communication skills.

Some questions that I was asked were:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Why SAP?
  • Give me 60 sec to think and then brief me on the Scholar@SAP program.
  • 3 strengths and a weakness that you wish to improve in yourself.
  • What did you learn from your previous tech-round interviews?
  • What after you get selected for this program?
  • Any questions for me?

It was a great experience and as a suggestion, always be confident. When you speak doesn’t matter if you entirely know the answer or not, but just be polite and say how much ever you know. Don’t be nervous and keep a smile on your face (if possible).

All the best!

Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2023
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