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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 34 (On-Campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2018
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The interview process took 3 rounds :

Round 1: Telephonic interview

It took place for 40-60 minutes. Interviewer started with questions related to OOPs concept in java, example in real life etc. Then he asked questions like –

  1. How can we access private methods or private members of class outside the class?
  2. What if we declare our variables as static?
  3. What is the difference between the access identifiers in java.
  4. Whatis singleton class? and many more..

Java questions from the scratch were asked. Then he moved to RDBMS. Basic questions were asked –

  1. In which form data is stored in database?
  2. What are the ACIDproperties?
  3. DDL, DML, DCL & TCL (Complete explanation of each command) .
  4. Concurrency control and questions related to serializibility..

Round 2: Technical Round

After successfully clearing telephonic interview, I was called up for interview at SAP LABS, Gurugram. There can be 1 or 2 technical rounds.  Interview was taken by two interviewers and only 1 technical round was conducted for an hour. It also began with OOPs concept in java, real life example. Since, I mentioned OS subject in my resume, they started asking me questions from OS.

  1. What are semaphores?
  2. What is critical section? Solution to critical section problem?

Then they moved to data structures. I was asked about different types of stacks and to implement circular stack. Later, I was asked to implement polymorphism for automobiles. Both codes had to be implemented in any programming language. The interview was concluded with one puzzle.

The puzzle can be checked out at geeksforgeeks :

Round 3:

I cleared technical round and reached HR round which took 20-25 minutes. Two interviewers were there. They discussed about my resume, projects, family, hobbies and what will I do in SAP Labs ?

Within a week results were announced and I was selected as an intern at SAP Labs.

Good luck to all the aspirants..!!

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