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SAP Labs Interview Experience (Pool Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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SAP Labs took online test in Our Campus(AOT) in September 2018.

Round 1:
Online Test through Hackerrank Portal.
There was 25 questions along with 2 Coding Section Total Time was 75 minutes.
The Questions were divided in some Sections :
1) Object Oriented Programming.(C++, Java, C#)
2) Algorithm & Data Structures.(Binary Search Tree, AVL tree, Dynamic & Greedy algorithm,
3) DBMS (Queries i0n SQL, Normalization, ER diagram)
4) Logical Reasoning.
5) Simple Quantitative.
6) Coding:
1. minimum-number-of-jumps-to-reach-end-of-a-given-array
2. maximum-difference-between-two-elements
It was Not that level tough, Anyone with Basic Knowledge Can Crack It.
Note : There were 12 candidates who completed the both Coding were Shortlisted only.
So always Start with coding section, If you can do both Coding (With some of the test cases),
High chance of Selection and please focus on Dynamic Problems.

Round 2:
It was in Amity University in Pool Campus on 29th September 2018. They gave their PPT( It was Awesome).After that, All students are Grouped(8-9 people in a group) and faced Round 2, which was Pen & Paper Round. 

Questions :

Note: Make your Paper as fresh & clean as possible. Try always Optimal Solution.

There Were Total 87 Participent, out of which 35 Cleared the Round 2.

Round 3:(Personal Interview[Technical Round])

Interviewer entered into the room followed by Me. He as about 25 – 30 years old. He gave his Introduction & I thought that the next is my turn. But He asked directly about my Projects, not giving any chance of introduction. He interrupted me many times during explaining and I was resolving them one by one. He just Run through my CV once then kept it in Side.

After that he gave me Paper and asked to write post order Traversal in a Binary Search Tree. I wrote it & again asked to explain the Recursive Code with Dry Run. ( tree-traversals)

He gave me a post order Traversal and asked to write all possible Trees that can be generated from that traversal. I hardly build 2 trees. Then I asked to code that Problem. I tried approaches but that had many loopholes explained very nicely by the Interviewer.( Please visit : find-all-possible-trees-with-given-inorder-traversal , construct-a-binary-search-tree-from-given-postorder
Then he asked about Virtual Memory and Paging from OS concept. I could not give actual definition but give some idea and Examples. (Virtual Memory and Paging )
Next he dred a Tree with 8 nodes, level 3 and said “Suppose Every Node is an Organization,   Every child is a sub-Organization of the Parent Organization. Now Write a Code or Query that will show me all sub organization under the Parent Organization which I will provide in Runtime as input”. Frankly saying I have not heard about anything like this before, So I got Nervous. I asked should I write PL/SQL or Program. He replied any you want. I tried Both but was not exactly Correct.then I build a 2-D array and follow the approach of Path finding which I used  in Graph Traversal. He said it was a good try but though not the correct answer.  Correct answer was Recursive Query that I haven’t heard before. ( For this type of Question Please Visit : count-of-employees-under-each-manager )
After that He asked to write a code to Print All duplicate Number in an array. (Visit : find-duplicates-given-array-elements)

Finally He said that we are done and If I have any question I may Ask. So, I asked about the SAP 4/HANA in-memory Computation and He Explained very nicely.

Out of 35 Candidates, only 5 people Cleared Round 3 and though I was not selected, the experience of SAP interview was  mind blowing. One friend was there in HR round from our college But he also get rejected in HR. SAP selected total 3 from West Bengal in Pull Campus 2018. I Agree : Best Place to work with is SAP.

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