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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 15 (On-Campus)

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My interview experience was as follows: 

Round 1 (online written test) approx. 120 candidates including MCA, B.Tech and M.Tech 

Total 103 question in 105 minutes 
Objective question on- 
1) Personality test 
2) Verbal Reasoning 
3) Design aptitude 
4) Testing 
     And 1 essay writing and 2 coding questions. Coding question were easy but the platform was a bit tricky. 23 candidates short listed for interviews. Try to Attempt all questions 

Round 2 (Technical round) about 45 minutes 
1) Suppose There is a bottle. consider it as empty. now we are filling that bottle manually. 
     Now we have a large number of bottle to be filled. Automate this system. Design the system for this and draw a class diagram for this with attributes and functions. 
2) Question on virtual table, virtual pointer, runtime polymorphism. 
3) When does the virtual table gets created and how can we know this. 
4) Question on copy constructor. Syntax and explanation. 
5) If do not put const in copy constructor what will happen. Program will work or not. 
6) What is the use of & in copy constructor. 
7) When do we define copy constructor explicitly. Is it necessary. 
8) From DS, doubly ended queue and quick sort. 

Round 3 (Technical round) about 45 minutes 

1) Introduce yourself. 
2) What are you good in? 
3) What is MVD? 
     I misunderstood it as MVC and said I don’t know. 
     then he said Multivalued dependency and i said yes ofcourse sir i know. 
     difference between functional and multivalued dependency. 
4) primary key, foreign key, candidate key, super key. 
5) what is referential integrity 
     I explained these using my project because i used these things in my project 
6) He asked about my family background in between. 
7) white box testing and blackbox testing. 
8) SDLC 
9) In which type of testing you have interest. 
10) Then he asked me what is MVC. I again told him sir i don’t know and i just know that it is “MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER” 
11) what is cyclomatic complexity. how do we measure it. 
12) what is flow graph. Explain with an example. 
13) Normal forms. what is the difference between 2NF and 3NF. 
14) Equivalence class testing. 
15) Coding question on matrix.(easy one) 
16) Type of relationships between entities in e-r. Explain how will you handle all of them.(1-1, 1-many, many-1, many-many) 

Round 4 (Managerial Round) about 45min-1hour 

1) Introduce yourself 
2) while designing a system, what will be your software development strategy (SDLC)? 
3) Explain every phase of it. 
4) If you have a BATA footwear retail shop. Design a backend system of it. 
     I was confused in E-R and class diagram. Exactly what to design. 
     So i did both of them applying SDLC. 
5) What should be qualities of a good software. 
6) What is a cloud. 
7) Anything you know about SAP Hana. 
     In between i asked him a question “I researched very much about SAP but did’nt get the exact difference between the SAP cloud and SAP Hana. 
8) If you have some work to do. But you want someone else to do this for you because you are a bit busy. So how you will get that work done. 
9) What are the problem you face during any teamwork. 
10) What is market analytics. 
     Explain with an example. 
11) What SAP exactly do. 
     I said ERP, SRM, CRM. 
12) Explain these terms. 
13) what is hybrid and private cloud. 
14) what are strength and weaknesses. 
15) What motivates you to do good work. 
     He was trying to make the interview informal but i kept the whole interview very formal. 
16) Can you name some of the customers of SAP. 

Round 5 (HR) about 30 minutes 

It was having the questions related to your personality. 
Have you been selected in any company yet? 
how many companies interviews have you faced till now? 
Why you were not selected in last company? 
Why SAP? 
General questions were asked and question related to teamwork and personal behavior and scenarios. 
Do you have any location preference? 
Your interest in: Development, Testing or Support? 
I did’nt know what exactly “support” is? So I asked him, what it is? 

At last 6 candidates were left after HR round. 2 MCA and 4 B.Tech and M.Tech 
They selected two of us. 
One from B.Tech and myself from MCA. 

Be clear with your basics and be a bit confident. 
Try to be interactive with the interviewer. 
And most important, Have a good knowledge about the company. 

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Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2021
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