SAP Labs Interview Experience | On campus-2019 july

Round 1: online test

15mcq and 2 coding questions

1. Find all palindromes in a given string with a given length.
2. It was modified questions of stock prices question

29 students were shortlisted.

Round 2: Tecnical round 1

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Give me real life examples of machine learning
  • Difference between machine learning and recommender systems
  • What is deep learning
  • Rate yourself in cpp
  • Design a class for chess game and explain how oops concepts are used in it
  • Can main be used as a variable in c
  • Given the following structure in c find the size of it is a 32bit processor

    struct Abc{

    int a;

    char b;

    int c;


    Optimise the given struct

  • Do you know padding of struct
  • ACID properties
  • Difference Between semaphore and mutex
  • In reader writer problem how do you know if the process wants to read or write

Any questions for us.

Thanks for your can leave

I was rejected.

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