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SAP Interview Experience | Set 26 (On-Campus)

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Hi all, SAP came for on-campus recruitment for full time employment and also offered six month internship to selected candidates. All eligible candidates of CSE, IT and ECE were allowed to appear in online test.
Online round was conducted on August 8,2017. It was conducted on mettl platform. Time duration : 70 minutes No of questions : 35 (15 Technical , 18 logical reasoning and aptitude , 2 coding ) Coding questions were :
  1. Given three numbers, you need to determine whether they are in AP or GP. You had to just complete two functions is_AP(int a,int b,int c) and is_GP(int a,int b,int c).
  2. You have to read a string which is in the format of a JSON file. The objective was to find the depth of inner most element. Input:
        "sports": [
    Output: 2
    Input: {{{[]}}} Output: 4
23 candidates were shortlisted for the interview process which was scheduled on august 18,2017. Interview process consisted of 4 rounds ,each being an eliminating round.
  1. Round 1 : Technical – one interviewer , one candidate
  2. Round 2 : Technical – two interviewer , one candidate
  3. Round 3 : Managerial
  4. Round 4 : HR
  1. Round 1 : Technical When I entered, he offered a handshake. Make sure it is firm. They already have your resume and a feedback paper with them and they note each critical details about you – your confidence, your hand gestures, your eye-contact and obviously your knowledge in various fields. Questions asked to me were – Tell me about your college. Tell me what you don’t like about your college. (be careful while answering this). Then project related discussion lasted for around 10 minutes. I had Java in my resume. so he moved from project to java. What is access specifier? Which is more restrictive – protected or default ? What is accessibility of private modifier ? Can we have private constructor – (Yes). What is the benefit of private constructor ? ( we can not instantiate this class from outside the class). What is the use then if you can’t instantiate ? (Basically he was moving towards Singleton Design Pattern). He asked to implement a singleton class . I wrote :
    class Singleton
        private static Singleton single_instance = null;
        public String s;
        private Singleton(){}
        public static Singleton getInstance()
            if (single_instance == null)
                single_instance = new Singleton();
            return single_instance;
    Then he asked , in what situation does this fails ? I answered – in case of multithreading when multiple threads are executing same method getInstance() simultaneously. Hence we need to use synchronized keyword. Again this method fails if we clone an object. Hence we need to override clone() method of Object class and return an exception when this method called. We could prevent any object creation through serialization and deserialization through transient keyword. Then he asked do you know what is factory method? Write an example and illustrate. what is inheritance? Differentiate abstract class and interface. What is polymorphism ? Differentiate runtime and compile time polymorphism with example. can a static method be overloaded ? can a static method be overriden ? (its not actually overriding.) Can you guess why inner class can be static but not outer class ? Given Two classes A and B. A has a method m1() and B has a method m2() . Method m1() is called within method m2(). Now m1() throws an exception. Write a code to handle exception thrown by calling m1() in m2() and throw a new relevant exception from m2().
    class A{
    class B{
    What is the difference between calloc and malloc? What is macro in C? How does macro work and in what phase is it handled by compiler ? He asked what is your view – is using Macro good or bad style of programming ? Then he switched to dbms. What is normalization and all its forms.? Write a sql query to find the top 3 areas of each city having maximum traffic. Query should also print rank of the cities in the output based on the traffic.
    city         area        rank        traffic
    kanpur        k1          1            1000
    kanpur        k2          3            900
    kanpur        k3          4            800
    allahabad     a1          2            980
    allahabad     a2          5            700
    allahabad     a3          6            600
    Then he switched to Data Structure and Algorithms : 1. Graphically illustrate Merge Sort and Quick sort and differentiate. 2. Loop detection and correction in a linked list. 3. Given a string , print the character and its frequency in order of its occurrence. Example : geeks for geeks Output : g2 e4 k2 s2 f1 o1 r1 I used hashmap and queue. Do you have any question ? (Never say NO). Interview went for over 90 minutes and 12 were eliminated after this round.
  2. Round 2 : Technical – one candidate , two interviewer Make sure you address both while answering any question. Introduce Yourself. Checked vs unchecked Exception Abstract vs Interface Is Throwable class or interface ? Why at all we need abstract and interface ? Can we leave a method unimplemented if we extend an abstract class ? – (Yes, Think how and when ?) // when extended class is also an abstract class. What is immutability ? How would you implement immutability ? Write a formula to find the angle between hands of a clock. Do You have any question ? 6 candidates cleared this round.
  3. Round 3 : Managerial– Introduce Yourself. How was your day ? How was the recruitment process ? Why SAP ? What did you know about sap earlier and what you knew today ? Puzzle : there are 100 persons in a circle. 1 is given a gun. 1 kills 2, 3 kills 4 , 5 kills 6 .. and so on. At last which person survives ? What is Big Data and what is its application ? What is cloud? What is locality of reference ? Rate yourself on scale of 10 in programming. What do you do at evening? What you do when you are sad? What would you do if you are not selected ? (I said I’ve done good enough to be NOT in the rejected list) What would you say if I say that we need only one candidate. ? (I said – I would be the one.) He offered a handshake and said have a good day. Some Questions asked to other candidates: If you have to become an animal – what would you be ? (they just want to check your qualities, tiger – fast, fox – clever, spider – Never giving up…) Naming another candidate – he said Mr. “X” has done very good in the interview , where you beat him ? .. Only 3 proceeded to HR round.
  4. Round 4 : HR Introduce yourself. Tell me about your family. Do you like travelling ? Where have you been till date ? Your goals in life . Who do you consult for support and help in technical field in your family.? If I ask one of your friend that What is that one thing where your friend is good at. If I ask one of your friend that What is that one thing you don’t like about your friend. (Be prepared with reasons). What do you think was the best part of SAP while in PPT presentation ? (Pay attention in PPT). Do you Have any question ? I asked some.
At last, 1 candidate out of the 3 was eliminated and 2 candidates got the tag “I am SAP”. Thanks,

Last Updated : 21 Nov, 2019
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