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SAP Labs FTE (On-Campus) Interview Experience Aug 2020

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Round 1 (Online Test): 10 MCQS (based on Aptitude, OS, OOP, Output based ques) + 2 Coding question
  1. Minimum Divisor: Given an array of integers, each element is to be divided by an integer so that the sum of results is less than or equal to a threshold integer. Each one-integer result of the division is rounded up before it is added to the sum. Determine the minimum divisor to make the sum less than or equal to the threshold.
  2. Reductor Array: For two integer arrays, the comparator value is the total number of elements in the first array such that there exists no integer in the second array with an absolute difference less than or equal to d. Find the comparator value.
Could solve all test cases for 2 coding ques and 8+ MCQs in 10 were right. 15 students got shortlisted for Interviews. Round 2 (Technical Interview 1 Approx 80mins): Took place on HackerRank Code Pair.
  1. Started off with my introduction, followed by my internship discussion (which was in Data Science). Based on that I was asked to code on the IDE, where I had to save a .txt file in my laptop, import it and parse through the words and output the duplicate words along with their frequency count.
  2. The next task was to subtract 2 matrices is given specific constraints of space and time in the IDE. (cleared all test cases)
  3. I was then asked about Software Process Models, how is the unified process different from Waterfall and Incremental.
  4. Next was asked to demonstrate using code in IDE Run time and Compile time Polymorphism. Was expected to write an OverRiding Func with its use case. (needed to pass all test cases on hackerrank)
Round 3 (Technical Interview 2 Approx 65mins): This took place on MS Teams.
  1. Tell about Rest API.
  2. Tell about the difference in SOAP and REST APIs.
  3. Questions on Cloud Computing and its architecture.
  4. Was asked about HTTP Protocol and why most web pages are better coded in Java (Interpreted and Compiled language discussion)
  5. Was asked about Linked List and its various implementation (Unroll, skip list, etc) And how it differs from an array.
  6. Coding Ques 1: Given a Linked List of numbers (unsorted) find total combinations of numbers that give sum=K. Eg:
    List : 1->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9->10
    Sum K=10
  7. Coding Ques 2: Given an Array of Numbers, find the point in the array where LHS sum equals RHS Sum. Also, find the number of such points possibleEg:
    Array = 1,2,3,4,7,5,5
    O/p: 7,1
  8. Given 2 variables, without using a comparison operator find which number is greater or lesser.
  9. OOP Concepts and Pass by value and Pass by Reference Implementation difference along with their codes
  10. A very general discussion on Trees and Graphs
After technical rounds, around 6/15 students made it to next round Round 4 (Managerial Interview Approx 70mins): Focused mainly on my resume and my ambitions, took place on MS Teams.
  1. Why SAP?
  2. I was given a hypothetical situation of a client along with his requirements for the product and was expected to tell how I would lead the project along with the expected timeline.
  3. Was asked about Agile Manifesto and other process Models, and based on different situations was asked to pick between diff models.
  4. The interviewer wanted to know if I held any leadership position in life and have I ever accounted/managed large amounts of money for an organization.
  5. Do my values and beliefs fall in line with SAP?
  6. What were the implementation details and idea behind my Project (mentioned on my resume)
  7. Briefly discussed my GHCI Scholarship and what is my outlook to life on a broader perspective. (mentioned on my resume)
  8. Why do you want to join SAP Labs? Why not wait for other companies to come?
Round 5 (HR Interview Approx 30mins): It revolved around the conclusion of my previous round and how I am as a person, my interpersonal skills. Took place on MS Teams again.
  1. What are my interests?
  2. Do you have a problem with relocation? Where would you like to work?
  3. My internship experience and discussion on how my codes were pushed to production, what new algos I used there.
  4. Why I chose MIT Manipal, and what are my higher study ambitions.
  5. About my home town and where I see myself in a few years post-college.
Finally, they recruited 3 students for Full Time Employment Offer. I was selected as one of them.

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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