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Nielsen visited our college in July 2021 offering internship + FTE. The hiring process had one Coding Round, two Interview Rounds. Round 1(Coding Round): Coding… Read More
Hi all, Zscaler came for On-Campus Hiring in our College with two roles: DEV and DEVTEST. I was given the role of DEV JAVA API.… Read More
First we have aptitude test as normal by other companies like Accenture, Wipro, TCS but difficulty level was low. Technical Interview: Starts with introduction Paradigms… Read More
Hi, I recently applied through campus for ZUORA and I was shortlisted for the written test. There were two rounds. Coding Test + DBMS +… Read More
There were 3 rounds for the position of Consulting Technology Analyst at Deloitte.  Round 1: This round was conducted on the AMCAT platform.  This test… Read More
The eQ Technologic visited our campus in July 2021 for the placements. The process consisted of 4 rounds – Online Test Interview Round 1 Interview… Read More
JP Morgan came for an on-campus drive in the month of Feb 2021. The interview process will consist of three rounds. Round 1(Coding): Two Coding… Read More
It was a great experience and I must say it was a complete assessment of core knowledge in the CSE branch, the whole process took… Read More
Oracle came to our campus for Member of Technical Staff FTE positions for two profiles – Server Technology and Oracle Financial Services. Round 1(Online Test):… Read More
SAP Labs visited our college campus online this year for their Scholar Profile (June 2021). This Drive is only for BCA/B-Tech undergraduates. In this program,… Read More
Round 1 (Technical Interview) Introduce yourself. What domains are you interested in? Asked me to code this (, but we didn’t have time to run… Read More
Ameyo visited our campus in mid-July. It conducted 4 rounds. First Round: It varies from college to college, in my college, it shortlisted students on… Read More
DE Shaw held an on-campus recruitment drive for the position of SDE intern (2 months) in our campus in the first week of August 2020.… Read More
The whole placement drive had 4 rounds and these are briefed below. Round 1(Aptitude and Technical Assessment):  Elimination Round No. of Questions: 90 Duration: 90… Read More
Total 4 Rounds: Round 1: Online Assessment –50 MCQ-50 minutes (Aptitude and some Technical Questions) Round 2: Technical Interview 1 (time duration approximately 30 minutes)… Read More