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SAP Labs FTE Interview Experience | On-Campus 2019

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SAP Labs came to our NIT Rourkela campus in July of this year. Round 1:         This was an online test in which the company tested our coding skills and basic Computer science concept. The codng questions were different for every student. In my set, the 2 coding questions were from dynamic programming.
  1. Find the length of the longest palindromic subsequence of a string (the only space-optimized solution was accepted for all the test cases). The link for the solution is here:
  2. There are two vectors with left and right index ranges of a given string. You have to calculate the total number of palindrome substring of length varying from left to right and return the answer in a vector.
The online test also consisted of 15 MCQ questions on SQL, Data structures, Operating system, OOPS concept, and C++ output questions. 40 students out of 300 were shortlisted for the next round. These MCQ questions were average. Students who have attempted 2 coding questions and successfully passed all the test cases of at least one questions were selected for the next round. Round 2:        The second round was a face to face technical interview where they asked about the Operating system basic questions on
  1. Paging concept
  2. Virtual memory
  3. CPU Scheduling
  4. Threads
Along with OS, they also asked a few questions on OOPS concepts like
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance
  • Abstraction
  • Static function
Next, they asked some DBMS questions. Along with that, the interviewer asked me to write the pseudo code on paper and corresponding time, space complexities. The questions were quite easy (Quicksort, Longest Increasing Subsequence of an array, Level Order Traversal of a tree). Then we had a brief discussion about the projects I did during my academic carrier. He selected one project and asked me to explain the working model. Almost 20 students got qualified for the next round. Round 3:         The third round was a technical round where they asked me a few questions on DBMS indexing and few difficult SQL queries based on The interviewer then asked me to briefly explain my internship projects. He also asked a few questions on Javascript and NodeJS as I have mentioned some projects on the web in my resume. Around 15 students were able to qualify this round. Round 4:        The fourth round was Managerial round where the manager of the company basically interacted with me about my graduation,   achievement, hobbies, and interests mentioned in my CV followed by few Managerial questions. Reference for the managerial questions:
Round 5:         The fifth round was a face to face HR interview which was a basic conversation about my likes and dislikes, interests which I have mentioned in my CV. HR was very young and quite friendly. He asked me about my preference for location and my strength, weakness etc. Finally, 8 students got selected and I was one of them.

Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2019
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