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SAP Labs Interview (Off Campus for Associate Developer)

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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Round 1:

Received the Hackerrank test link via email after resume shortlisting, you can apply on their careers website. Test contained one coding question ‘Print the count of all the substrings in a string which are palindrome’. For eg ‘aab’=[a, aa, aba]= count is 3, don’t include repeated values. Other than this it contained a mix of MCQs from Java, C, C++, SQL queries(theory and output based) and also contained some questions of aptitude.

Round 2:

Technical Interview round with two interviewers, resume based discussion, they are much focused on database and OOPs concepts. Procedural programming, self-joins, the difference between C and new languages, how you connected DB in your project, polymorphism – learn some examples involving classes and objects, give real-time examples. Why we need Data Structures, What is the use of graphs ? Tell some searching algorithms.

Round 3:

One interviewer, technical interview, he knows what we answered/not answered in the previous round of interviews and will have detailed discussion on those topics. He asked me about Binary Search, its complexity, Merge sort, Quick sort. He gave me 2 tables and asked me to print the outputs of all joins you know like A FOJ B (A Full outer join), B FOJ A, A IJ B and many more. Asked about primary keys, candidate keys. Exception handling, Interfaces, connecting a database, OOPS concepts, build stack from queue and vice versa, different types of trees available in DS. Some basic questions regarding Permutations and Combinations.

Round 4:

Managerial Round, two interviewers, polite and calm, greets you as you enter the room. They will judge your skills as a good developer, give them examples of it, how you have good skills as a developer.  What you have done wrong in the past, that you wanna correct it now. They will ask in which domain you want to work ERP ? They will explain, what kind of candidate they are looking for and what are there current requirements.

Round 5:

HR round, resume based, strengths, what are your skill-set, prove with examples. Current salary discussion, why you want to leave your current organization, why you want to be in this company. You can ask question regarding the company to show interest in the company. Be truthful, keep calm, you will crack it.

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