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SAP Labs Interview Experience (On-Campus FTE | VJTI, Mumbai)

Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020
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Round 1:

It was an online test of one hour with 17 questions:

  1. 15 MCQs: on C++, Java, data structures & other technical subjects, and 2-3 questions on quantitative ability.
  2. 2 coding questions:
    (i) Finding palindromic substrings within a string
    For e.g. given string ‘banana’, palindromic substrings would be ‘aa’, ‘aaa’, ‘ana’, ‘anna’ and so on.
    (ii) Given an array of integers with repeating elements, find sum of differences between positions of repeated elements and store them in an array of same size.
    For e.g. given array {1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2} we shall have:
    For position 0: 1 is on positions 3&5 additional to position 0.
    Thus for position 0: |3-0| + |5-0| = 8.
    For position 1: 2 is on positions 4&6 additional to position 1.
    Thus for position 1: |4-1| + |6-1| = 8.

For position 2: 3 is on no other position.
Thus for position 2: 0.

Calculating the remaining positions thus, final array will be something like {8, 8, 0, …}

Everybody had a different set of questions with the same pattern as above.

Shortlisted students (total 34) were selected based on both sections’ cutoff, and interviews were to be held the next day.

Round 2:

Procedure comprised a total of 4 interviews: 2 technical (1 panel, 1 one-on-one), 2 HR (1 managerial, 1 HR).

Interview 1:

There were 2 interviewers. They asked me the following questions:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • CET rank (caught me by surprise).
  • Preferred language? (mine was Java)
  • Java inheritance questions, multithreading, dynamic dispatch (I was able to answer them, they tried to tell me it wasn’t correct, but I was quite confident it was).
  • Write a program to find reverse of a decimal number using only bitwise operations e.g. for 1234, output should be 4321. (I couldn’t solve this, although I did try some logic)
  • 2 nested SQL queries. (simple ones, extracting data from 2-3 related tables)
  • They asked if I was familiar with DBMS concepts like normalization and all, I said yes, and they didn’t ask me to explain.
  • Asked about an internship I did over the summer, and if I had a pre-placement offer from them.
  • One of the panelists was an alumnus so he asked me who’s the current HOD. :p
  • Why I wanted to work with SAP.

They eliminated more than 50% people in this round. Around 15 people went for round 2.

Interview 2:

This was a one-on-one interview. Following questions were asked:

  • Tell me about yourself from a technical perspective.
  • Which is the language you’re most comfortable with? (I said Java)
  • A couple of Java questions related to abstraction, static keyword, polymorphism, inner class.
  • He asked me what a doubly linked list is, how is it different from a singly linked list.
  • Write a program to eliminate duplicate elements from a doubly linked list.
  • What is a binary tree?
  • What is a complete binary tree, full binary tree? Gave me a couple of examples to classify as complete, full, or neither.
  • Gave me an array of integers. Said this is what I got when I flattened a binary search tree. Draw BST from the given array.
  • Write a program such that: given an array of integers and an integer k, find all subarrays within the array whose sum is k.

After this round, they chose around 9-10 people for the managerial round.

Interview 3:

This round was taken by a manager. He was a pretty chill guy-it felt more like a conversation than an interview. He asked me the following questions:

  • Tell me about yourself from technical perspective as well as about your family.
  • Since I have been born and brought up in Mumbai, he asked how it will affect my family if I moved away for the job (Since location was Bangalore)
  • He asked me about my extracurricular activities and what I learnt from them
  • He gave me a couple of situations and asked how I would react:
  • If you are a team leader, how do you deal with the people who don’t work as much as other people in the team/how you want them to work?
  • If you’re doing a project whose progress you’re satisfied with, and you overhear a fellow team member bragging over lunch about how their project has reached the upper hierarchy, what would your first reaction be?
  • He asked me to tell him one strength and one weakness of mine.
  • He asked what the 3 most important things are, according to me, that one should have to work with a team.

They shortlisted 6 people for the final HR round.

Interview 4:

This round was taken by the HR. She asked me the following questions:

  • Tell me about yourself from technical perspective as well as about your family.
  • Asked me how was your day (I said it was tiring), are you stressed right now.
  • She looked through my resume and asked me what one of my projects was about (nothing technical).
  • Since I had my hobby listed as ‘reading’, she asked me about my favorite authors.
  • She also asked about my other hobbies, I said bullet journaling. She asked me a couple of questions about it.
  • Since my hobbies weren’t exactly related to my field, she asked why I was pursuing engineering.
  • What did you want to be when you were growing up?
  • Are you an only child?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • She asked me to list one achievement which was non-academic and how I worked for it.
  • She asked me to tell her about a failure and how that affected me.
  • Asked me how I handle rejection.
  • One unique quality that you have that others don’t.

All 6 who went into the HR round got selected.

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