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SAP Labs Interview Experience for Associate Developer(FTE)

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SAP visited our campus to hire final year students for Associate Developer Consultant.


  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Round 1
  3. Technical Round 2
  4. Managerial Round
  5. HR Round

Every round was an elimination round. From the start, around 400 students appeared for the online test and only 29 students were shortlisted for the 

Technical Round 1. Further, after Tech Round 1 only 11 students were shortlisted for Tech Round 2. After Tech Round 2, 8 students were shortlisted for Managerial Round and then 6 were shortlisted for HR round and all the 6 students were offered FT Role.

Online Test: This test consists of 10 MCQs which were of moderate difficulty related to DMBS, C++/C, OOPS, DS/Algo and 2 coding questions:

  1. Find the smallest divisor given a threshold
  2. You have just arrived in a new city and would like to see its sights. Each sight is located in a square and you have assigned each a beauty value. Each road to a square takes an amount of time to travel, and you have limited time for sightseeing. Determine the maximum value of beauty that you can visit during your time in the city. Start and finish at your hotel, the location of sight zero.

Note: The test had a sectional cut-off, so it was important to do well in both sections.

Technical Round 1: This round was conducted on HackerRank Codepair and this interview lasted for around 55 mins.

  1. Questions asked in this round:
  2. Introduce yourself.
  3. Questions on Abstract Class
  4. 2-3 SQL queries
  5. To find the missing Fibonacci number in the given array and if no number is missing you have to return the last number in the Fibonacci series.
  6. Questions based on the complexity of code.
  7. 2 logical puzzles.

Technical Interview Round 2: This round was conducted on Microsoft Teams and lasted for around 50 mins.

Questions asked in this round:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Description of the latest project that you have built.
  3. A discussion over the project related to the tech stack and questions related to the project.
  4. Questions over Inheritance and its types.
  5. 2 logical puzzles
  6. SQL queries.
  7. Questions related to Machine Learning as I have built a project over it.

Managerial Round: This round was conducted on Microsoft Teams and lasted for around 1 hour.

Questions asked in this round:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. An in-depth discussion of the project and its related components. The discussion lasted around 25-30 mins.
  3. Questions about your future plans and your views over pursuing future studies.
  4. What are your aspirations?
  5. The question over cloud computing. Its use and its pros/cons.

HR Round: This was the last round conducted on Microsoft Teams and lasted for around 20 to 25 mins.

Introduce Yourself. 

  1. How had covid-19 affected you?
  2. What is the situation of Covid-19 in your hometown?
  3. How you have spent your lockdown days.
  4. About your Family.
  5. What did you like about the complete SAP process?
  6. Your views on Higher Studies.
  7. Do you have an offer from any of the companies in the college placement season?

Few Tips:

  1. Be confident and enthusiastic while appearing for an interview and don’t mug up the things just before the interview.
  2. If you are not sure about the answer to any questions don’t panic and just be very clear with it and say whatever you know or whatever you think.
  3. Interviewers were very humble and helping in every possible way if you are stuck with any question.
  4. Think aloud. Walk the interviewer through your thought process every time he/she asks you questions.
  5. Be very well-versed with your resume and your projects.

And among the 6 students in the last round, I was one of them and it was the best feeling to go through this long process and at the end get the result that you want.

Last Updated : 25 Dec, 2020
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