SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 31 (Off Campus)

This is my interview experience for Developer Associate SAP Labs India from Early talent hiring event. It was referral Hiring.

Round-1 (Online)

We have received an email to attend an online written test which consists of 30 MCQs (Including logical, quantitative, reasoning) and 2 coding.


Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)

In this interview they have asked me very basic questions of OOP, DBMS, OS, DS and Puzzle.

Q-1) Tell me about yourself.

Q-2) What is OOP.

Q-3) What is abstraction and give an real life example.

Q-4) What is inheritance and its types. explain with example.

Q-5) Design a student-course-subject Schema. after that he asked me write a query using the schema I have designed.

Q-6) What process scheduling? give few scheduling name and explain them.

Q-7) What is thrashing?

Q-8) He asked me for my preferred language between java and python. why it is?

Q-9) then he asked me one puzzle which is “there is a room. Inside that room there are ant and sweet placed at diagonally opposite end. Find the shortest distance that ant needs to travel to get the sweet (Ants can’t fly)”.

Tips:- Be confident and you must be able to explain what are you thinking.

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)

In this interview they have asked question on DBMS, Algo, DS.

Q-1) Write the binary search algorithm.
Q-2) What is ACID?

Q-3) what is deadlocks?

Q-4) what are linked list, double linked list and circular linked list?

Q-5) A puzzle which is “Two sand arcs which measures 7 min and 4 min each. Count 9 min using those two”.

Q-6) Little discussion about the projects

Tips :- You should be know each and everything about the resume.

Round-4 (Managerial Round)
Part-1) Manager asked me about my interest, family background and why I want to join SAP.

Part-2) They have asked me to discuss over URL management for browser.

Round-5 (HR Round)
Q-1) Tell me something about yourself.
Q-2) What will I bring from my previous company?
Q-3) Why SAP?
Q-4) My Current CTC
Q-5) What are your future plans related with further studies?

Tips:- Know yourself before any interview.
Be calm & answer politely.

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