Learn SAP - An Online Course for Beginners

In this SAP course or Systems Applications and Products Course, you will learn about the basics of SAP, SAP Products and Modules, Scope of SAP as career, How to Get started with SAP, Comparison Between Different SAP Products, SAP R/3 Architecture, How to get a job in SAP and much more.








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About the SAP course for Beginners

Like you, all skilled SAP learners strive to become experts at utilising the programme to the utmost extent possible and producing the best results. It emphasises the importance of understanding the SAP system because the main goal is not just to use SAP functionally but also to utilise it effectively and efficiently. Keeping this in mind, we have created a complete SAP course for you to learn and master SAP. By following this beginner’s guide for SAP, you can grow your SAP skills from beginner to master level, for sure.

Worried about where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Why SAP is important to learn?

Learning SAP is crucial for a number of reasons, as it can offer people chances and useful skills in the workplace. Globally, SAP stands as one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. To effectively manage their business processes, numerous large and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries rely on SAP. Organisations are actively looking for experts with SAP knowledge due to the growing demand for SAP skills.

How to learn SAP(Systems Applications and Products)?

Now that we have covered the basics of SAP in this SAP Course, it is now time to learn SAP. You can follow the following step-by-step roadmap to master SAP from scratch:

  1. Learn about fundamental of SAP
  2. Choose a programming language in SAP
  3. Start learning with Basics of SAP
  4. Get to know about SAP Product and Modules
  5. Scope of SAP as a Career
  6. Comparison of SAP with different Modules
  7. How to get a job in SAP


Mrityuanjaya Gupta

This is a very good SAP roadmap to understand the basics. This covers all types of SAP concepts. I am totally satisfied with the contents of this roadmap.

Harendra Kumar

The topics in this SAP Course are explained clearly, and Explanation given were very helpful to implement the concepts learnt. Kudos to GeeksforGeeks!!!

Shreya Verma

This SAP Course has been a one-stop destination for learning SAP from scratch. GeeksforGeeks has touched all the important topics with the best examples. This roadmap has a huge role in getting me placed.

Potta Lokesh

The SAP roadmap on GFG are well structured. The order of reading is awesome. It helped me a lot.


How can I start this SAP course?

You just need to click on the button that says START YOUR JOURNEY, and that's it. You will be taken to your first chapter.

Is this course enough for learning SAP?

Yes, this course is enough for learning SAP, for a beginner.

Does the course include SAP ABAP language?

Yes, the course include Language used in SAP. We have covered SAP ABAP in details.

Can I get job after completing this SAP course?

Yes, you can get a decent job in SAP after completing this course.