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Scholar SAP Labs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 01 Aug, 2023
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Sap Labs visited my campus in July 2023 under Scholar Program.

They had four rounds – 1 Coding + 2 Technical Interview + 1 HR round

The coding round was normal 1 easy and 1 medium question.

My first question was to Reverse the array and find the number of characters that didn’t change their position. (9/10 test cases pass)

ex: Geeta after reversing would be ateeg. Here second ‘e’ at index 2 didn’t change its position. So the output is 1.

The second question was pattern matching. Brute force was also good as constraints were a little easy. But the crust of the question was that we don’t have to consider the case of words i.e. T==t in string. So we have to convert either the strings to upper case or lower case.(16/16 test cases passed)

I cleared the coding round.

Both technical interviews were scheduled on the same day.

The first TR was around 30 minutes where the interviewer asked about Projects, 7 layers of the OSI Model, simple string questions, Memory Management, any AI tool that I use, and for what purpose, aim, and vision.

The second TR was around 1hr(just in my case, others had their second round only for 30 minutes). Started with a discussion about Projects(on ML) , Machine learning(mentioned in my resume) internship which I was doing and he also asked me to tell the difference between C++ and Java and Python.(for difference my answer was not bookish I told him the difference with my perspective and for the purpose I used these languages and he was okay with). He also asked me to write down code on copy and show code on the camera. The question was to move all zeroes to the end of the array in place. I was able to solve it. He gave me a puzzle. I was not able to do the puzzle completely. He also asked about the SDLC life cycle.

I cleared both Technical Rounds and went for HR Round.

HR round was easy. He asked me whether I will be able to manage my Time. about Scholar@SAP program, about certifications. He was quite happy with my resume.

Final Result: SELECTED

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