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Interview Experience for SAP Scholar Program 2022

Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2022
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Writing this so that it might help someone someday from gfg as some previous interview experiences helped me. SAP labs hire graduates from BCA/ BSc /BTech(Computer Science, IT, Electronics)/BE  for their Scholar@SAP program. This year all the rounds were held online due to the pandemic.

So, firstly SAP labs came to our college in the last week of October for hiring BCA students and they specified four rounds of interviews for this program.

Round 1 (Online coding round): We had to solve 2 coding questions and some MCQ questions from subjects like OOPs, DBMS, and select outputs for some code snippets. Needless to mention the coding questions carried higher marks.

I did not have to attempt this round because I was already an intern at SAP, so I got a direct entry to Round 2. Will try to write about my internship experience too.

Round 2 (first technical round): At around 9 in the morning we were invited to a group call where I got to see 125 other interviewees, and after a brief, about the whole day’s schedule we were asked to join our meeting rooms where we would have our one-to-one interview. This round started as usual with an “Introduce yourself”. 

The interview was about 45 mins long. The interviewer took a glance at my resume and was happy to see that I had already worked for SAP, he went on to ask about the project I had worked on for those two months of internship. Then he asked me to define OOPs and their four pillars briefly with real-life examples. After all this, he seemed to be pleased with my answers and shared a link to a live code sharing editor where I was asked to code (just the logic) on basic concepts like function overriding, some other basic logical problems and also asked about the complexity for some of them. Also, I was asked to code the logic for a program to “Sort even-placed elements in increasing and odd-placed in decreasing order”. Then he moved to ask some puzzles like The Burning Candles.

Also got to know that he was a scholar himself in his initial days and we discussed the Scholar program and the interview ended on a positive note. I was happy after this round and wished ???? to get selected for the next.

Round 3 (second technical round): This happened on the same day as the first tech interview. the interviewer introduced himself as a manager of a team. Firstly he asked me the same, “introduce yourself” and then to talk about the project I was assigned to, as an intern. He also wanted to know about the current project I was working on, which was a movie recommendation system (using content-based filtering). He also asked to talk about how a typical day at SAP as an intern was. Next, I was asked to draw a DFD of an online bus booking system like that of RedBus, all the tables I would have and which all attributes to make the primary and foreign key. This round was comparatively short and lasted for around 20 minutes.

After this, we waited till the evening for the mail from HR, of our selection for the next rounds and yes, I did qualify.

Round 4( HR interview): This happened the day after and saw almost 20 to 25 interviewees in the group meeting from yesterday’s 125. On entering the call of my interview, my interviewer introduced herself and asked the following one after the other : 

  • What did you learn from your internship?
  • How did this internship help you and what were your learnings?
  • What do will you do if you are not selected for this program?
  • How would you manage your studies and work together and a few other questions?

With this, the whole interview ended and I was asked to wait till evening for the results.

And yes, finally, I was selected for the role (^_^). All the interviewers were super supportive and friendly throughout the interview process and also supported me if I got stuck somewhere. Lastly, I believe basic logical coding questions, basics about a particular language ( java/ python preferably), DBMS and some puzzles can definitely help you crack this interview.

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