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Scholar@SAP Interview Experience

Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2020
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I applied for the Scholar@SAP program as an undergraduate student in my final year of B.Sc. Computer Science. I’ve detailed my experience below:

Preliminary Round: The first round was an online assessment, conducted on-campus via the placement cell. It contained a couple of programming questions and some MCQs about DSA, OS, and DBMS. This round was very easy and most questions were beginner level.

Subsequent rounds were conducted at MSIT, Janak Puri, where about 200 students from various colleges were present. The process began with a presentation elaborating on the company’s work culture, which was followed by interviews.

Written Test: This contained 2 questions, which had to be answered in 30 minutes:

  1. Explain concepts of OOPS. Explain polymorphism with an example.
  2. Write a function to rearrange elements of an array so that all 0s are at the end and all non-zero elements are at the front of the array. Internal order among elements must remain the same, O(1) auxiliary space and O(n) time complexity.

About half of the candidates were eliminated after this round.

Technical Interview (around 45 mins):

  1. Pseudocode for push and pop operations of array stack
  2. Code for push operation for dynamic stack implemented using an array, size is not given
  3. Why CS? Favorite CS subjects?
  4. C++ versus Java
  5. Why is the Java platform independent?
  6. Multithreading v/s Multiprocessing
  7. What is the processing core?
  8. Why does hardware wear out?
  9. Specifications of your PC/laptop and their interpretation
  10. Explain projects implemented

Around 30 candidates proceeded to the next round.

HR interview (final round, around 30 mins):

  1. How has your interview experience been?
  2. Describe yourself. Something not in your CV.
  3. Why SAP?
  4. How would you manage deadlines without any help?
  5. The Biggest Weakness. How will it affect your work at SAP?
  6. Hobbies and interests

8 students were selected after this round, which was followed by the technical and HR interviewers getting together to make the final call. 

Outcome: Made it to the top 8, but eventually did not end up getting selected in the final 4.

Overall Experience: Positive

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