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SAP Labs Interview Experience for Scholar (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2023
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How To Apply :

I got this opportunity, from my college T&P department, it’s an on-campus opportunity.

Eligibility Criteria:

Before delving into the rounds, let’s establish the eligibility criteria:

  • BE/B. Tech 2024 batch
  • Specializations in CS/ISE/ECE/EE
  • Graduation score of 70% or above
  • 10th & 12th scores of 60% and above

What it offered to you

In this program, students seamlessly integrated their MTECH studies from BIT’S PILANI with practical experience at SAP Labs. They engaged in hands-on work from Monday to Friday, gaining valuable real-world insights. On Saturdays, focused M-Tech classes provided comprehensive academic learning. This balanced approach honed time management skills, while the program’s fusion of theory and practice prepared students for the professional world. With extended Saturday classes ensuring deep understanding and consistency, students graduated equipped with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge, well-prepared for their careers ahead.

Round 1: Online Assignment (August 4th)

The journey began with an online assignment. It included two coding questions, both with a moderate level of complexity. Both question required solving within 45 minutes(Total Time). For everyone question is different.

My First question was: An integer array is given we need to calculate the sum of its digit

example : [12, 34, 122, 98,66]
output : [3,7,5,17,12]

My second was: question link

I solve both the question in 10-15 min.

Awaiting the outcome was a mix of anticipation and hope.

Round 2: Technical Round 1 (August 9th, 10 AM)

This round was an exploration of my technical prowess and a deeper insight into my resume. The questions ranged from the basic concepts of OOP to coding challenges. The technical questions were diverse, covering topics like parentheses validation and linked list reversal. A discussion about my projects and machine learning followed, providing an opportunity to showcase my skills. Exploring my motivations to join SAP and my familiarity with the company added a personal touch to the interview. This round concluded with a positive outlook for the next step.

Coding question link :

  • First one:
  • Second one:

Round 3: Technical Round 2 (August 9th, 3 PM)

In this round, the technical rigor continued. asked me to code a diamond problem(multiple inheritance), differentiating composition and inheritance from Oops.

  • OS concepts (Semaphore), the OSI model, and software engineering’s SDLC were also on the menu. My project faced scrutiny, leading to a deeper conversation about its architecture and technologies.
  • Puzzle-solving skills were tested with a water measurement problem.

This round not only gauged my technical proficiency but also my problem-solving abilities.

Round 4: HR/Vocational Trainer Round

The final frontier was an interaction with the HR and a vocational trainer. The atmosphere was warm, with casual questions to ease the tension.

Reflecting on lessons learned from previous rounds and discussing recent learning experiences set the tone.

The interviewer showed interest in my self-improvement efforts and inquired about weaknesses and strategies for overcoming them.

In the past 6 months, I have learned new.

The conversation moved toward SAP’s Scholar program and my aspirations, followed by an open discussion.

While nerve-wracking, this round concluded on a positive note.

The Verdict: Positive Mail by 6 PM

After the last round, the anxious wait culminated in a positive outcome. An email arrived confirming my selection. The elation was beyond words, validating the efforts invested throughout the process.

Lessons and Tips:

  • Confidence: Embrace confidence as your ally.
  • Think Aloud: Let interviewers understand your thought process.
  • Company Research: Search about the company.
  • Stay Calm: Relax, and let your true abilities shine.

Honestly, the interview process was quite smooth, all the interviewers are polite and humble, they give you hint when you stuck, I feel like it’s just a discussion(On a serious Note).

The journey from eligibility to selection was a roller coaster of challenges and triumphs. Sharing my experience is my way of paying it forward, hoping it assists future candidates in their pursuit of success. Remember, every interview is a chance to learn, grow, and showcase your unique abilities. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!

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