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SAP Labs Interview Experience for Scholar (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021
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SAP Labs visited our college campus online this year for their Scholar Profile (June 2021). This Drive is only for BCA/B-Tech undergraduates.

In this program, students were provided with the opportunity to work for SAP Labs along with doing their MTECH. Being specific how it goes is Mon-Friday 5 days working and then on Saturday, you’ll be having your M-Tech classes from 9 AM to 7 PM (Bi-Weekly classes). 

Generally, they conduct 4 rounds.

  1. Online Coding Round 
  2. Technical Round 1 
  3. Technical Round 2 
  4. HR + Managerial Round 1

Round 1(Online Coding Test): The online coding round was held in HackerRank and consisted of 15 Computer Science MCQ-based questions on DBMS, OOPS, Computer Networks, OS, Data Structures and Algorithms, Output type questions, and so on. Along with this, we were given two coding questions :

  1. Finding the Kth largest element in the giving array(Try to write an optimized code that will make you clear it in first go with all the test cases). Link-
  2. So this is a DP Problem on Strings. I was able to solve only 6 test cases out of 10 I guess. Link-Count Palindrome Sub-Strings of a String. Solution-

Practice some medium difficulty questions.


  • So both the sections have a sectional cutoff, I’ll suggest trying to complete both coding questions as that increases your chance of getting shortlisted but even if you do 1.5 questions there are high chances you get selected condition being score good in MCQs.
  • MCQ’s are of easy to medium level difficulty.

Round 2(Technical Round 1): In the beginning, he introduced himself and tried making me comfortable then he asked me to do so the same. So after the intro’s he was going through my resume and asked you have mentioned HTML CSS and js as he was himself a full-stack developer he started with explain me the web structure, asked some basics of HTML CSS JS what are they and all after that he asked me one question on JavaScript.

Then he moves onto oops concepts

  1. pre-written code was there and he asked me to give the output of that code. (Snippet was on Constructors)
  2. basics of inheritance. Then he asked me one coding ques.
  3. To print the prime number in a certain range. 1-40. the catch here is we have to optimize that until there is no more possibility.
  4. Then he asked whether I know about SQL then he asked some queries regarding that. He asked me to create two tables following Normalization rules and then gives me the situation according. In short, he asked me 2-3 different ques from that table. In this he wanted me to explain the normalization concepts with the question.
  5. then he switched to DSA where he asked me about arrays and LinkedList. Difference and situations where can we use what and Time Complexities of Addition and Deletion.
  6. He asked me whether I can reverse the linked list efficiently (Do have a look at that as you can reverse it but doing that efficiently is the key). I wrote the pseudocode for this.
  7. Then he switched onto a puzzle where I have 6equal match sticks and now I have to draw 4 triangles out of that.

This was it.

I was not able to solve only 1 SQL query question where the concept of the cases was used. This round went pretty well I was very confident after that. This round went for approx. 40-45mins.

Note- The interviewer was quite Knowledgeable so don’t try to bluff him if you don’t know the answer tell them, they were quite supportive and will change the topic of discussion.

Round 3(Technical Round 2): In the beginning, he introduced himself, and then he asked me to do so the same. So after the intro’s he was going through my resume and started with SQL.

  • He asked me some queries.
  • Then I got stuck on one where I have to fetch top3 scores from the student table in this question I was able to explain the concept but wasn’t able to write the right query. So he was fine with it and moved ahead.
  • Then one question was on Joins this was a good question at first I was able to solve it using only where Claus but then he asked me to remove the overhead as join doesn’t have them but where Claus has that. Then after spending some 3-5mins I was able to solve it.

Note- Do talk with the interviewer all the time explain to him your approach as he will guide you if not going in the right direction. They want to check whether after guidance will you be able to solve or not.

  • After that, the rest of the interview was on logic building
  • 1 ques on the sum of n natural numbers logic but that was not a simple kind of medium.
  • 1 ques of star pattern but with indefinite spaces catch here is after you solve one he modifies his question to see whether you will be able to adapt now or not. technically 2times he modified the original question.

After this, he went onto ask 4 questions on oops concepts.

  1. Abstraction-based snippet asked the logic of Access Specifiers.
  2. Constructor-based snippet.
  3. Polymorphism to explain with code.
  4. Abstract class question was there, i.e. you have one class with 2 virtual functions now you are inheriting that to another class so whether you’ll be able to create the object of the parent class. This question was modified from the 3rd ques code where I have created a virtual function which I was overriding in child class now he modifies that to 2 virtual functions and asked will an object be created now. Ans is NO we cannot create the object of that class.

After this, he said the interview is over and we will let you know about the results. It went for approximately 55mins.

Round 4(HR + Managerial Round): This round was based on personal questions and the interviewer solely wanted to check your communications skills and your confidence:

  • She introduced herself in the beginning but this was not as another interview was she just asked some simple yes-no questions in the starting after 5mins after that she said let us start with the intro tell me the things you do other than mentioned in this resume. (What are your hobbies)
  • After that, she asked me some questions regarding the society I was part of as I was in a leadership role she asked me some situational questions such as if you have to decide on your own at the moment on what ground you’ll finalize that.
  • if your other team members are disagreeing but your experience states that it will be in benefit of the organization how will you convince them.
  • if you have to organize an event and at the last moment your peers had ditched you how will you manage this situation.
  • After that, some normal questions are based on a Resume.
  • What do you know about SAP Labs?
  • Explain Scholar Profile
  • What are your strengths?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Tell me about some of the products of SAP (At first she asked me about some clients but I didn’t know that so she then switched to this)
  • Do you have any other offers?
  • if yes why SAP else why aren’t you placed till now be prepared with this counter-question.
  • Note- Chances are high that one puzzle may get asked to check logical ability so be prepared for that check out GFG puzzles they’ll be more than enough for this.
  • This round went for approx. 30mins.
  • After 1 day of MR round, I received the selection mail.
  • All the interviewers are quite supportive throughout and guiding at all the places where you get stuck. Try following the approach where you’ll be explaining things to them before attempting to question how are you thinking to proceed as in virtual experience that plays the key role.

All the Best.

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