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Scholar @SAP Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 18 May, 2021
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SAP came to our college on 28th of March 2021 for their Scholar @ SAP interview. This was an on – Campus Drive held for BCA undergraduates.

In this program Students were given the opportunity to work for SAP Labs along with doing their MTECH from BITS Pilani.

There were a total of 4 rounds :

Online Coding Test: The online coding round was held in Hackerrank and consisted of 15 Computer Science MCQ-based questions on DBMS, OS, Data Structures and Algorithms, Output type questions, and so on. Along with this we were given two coding questions :

  1. It was a similar question with only one difference instead of finding the maximum we had to find the character which occurred a minimum number of times and if there are multiple characters then return the character occurring first.
  2. C++ Inheritance : This was a unique question which we do not see regularly in coding exams. I was given an incomplete C++ code based on inheritance which I had to complete with printing the correct output.

After this round around 18 people along with me were selected for the First technical Round.

Technical Round 1: This was a code pair round held in Hackerrank ide. In this the interviewer gave a coding question which we had to solve in front of the interviewer in the ide provided and run all the test cases. First the Interviewer introduced himself followed by my introduction. Then he asked many computer science questions and one coding question:

  1. Given an array, divide it into two parts such that:

    a. The union of both the parts gives the original array.

    b. The intersection of both the parts is null.

    c. Sum of first part is greater than the second part.

    d. Size of the first part is smaller than the second.

    e. Find all such pairs from the given array.

    I used the white board to explain to him the approach first and when he was satisfied with the approach I solved the code and successfully ran all the test cases. The Interviewer was satisfied with the solution.

  2. Difference between Java and C++ and benefits of Java over C++.
  3. What is normalization, different types of normalization.
  4. Define OOPS and the four pillars of OOPS concepts(Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation)
  5. Then he gave me a puzzle where he said that I had to draw 4 triangles with only 6 match sticks provided.

This round was held for around 30 mins.

After this round around 9 people were selected including me for the second technical round.

Technical Round 2: This round was held in Microsoft Teams. It was mainly focused on my projects which I did in my college.  It began with the interviewer introducing himself followed by my introduction. Then we had a brief discussion on my projects and then the interview started asking a few questions based on DBMS, Java, OOPS, Data Structures, and so on:

  1. Brief discussion on my first project, what are its features, what database I used , how was the project extracting information from the database, how the authentication operation works and so on
  2. Difference between Interface and Abstract class.
  3. What is the parent class in Java and name some of its methods with its use.
  4. What are the different kinds of Data structures used in java : Collection Framework.
  5. What is a priority Queue, how is it implemented internally.
  6. Brief discussion on my second project 
  7. A puzzle: 10 balls out of which one is less in weight, you are given a weighing machine, find the minimum number of measurements to find the defective ball.

This round was held for about 45 mins . The interview asked if u had any questions for me, so I asked how was my performance and about the scholar @ SAP program.

After this round only 3 people along with me were selected for the final HR +  Managerial round.

HR + Managerial Round: This round was based on personal questions and the interviewer wanted to see your communications skills and your confidence:

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What are your hobbies.
  3. What do you know about SAP Labs.
  4. Will You be able to manage the work pressure here at SAP
  5. What are your skills and strengths
  6. Why should we hire you.

This round went for around 40 mins. The interviewer asked if I had any questions, so I told her to brief me about what goes on behind the Scholar @ SAP program.

This was the final round and all the 3 along with me were selected for the Scholar @ SAP program.

My advice would be to keep yours basics really strong based on concepts of DSA, OOPS, any one programming language and have good knowledge on the projects you make and the technologies you use with them. Good luck to everyone for their future!!! 

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