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SAP Labs Interview Experience | On-Campus Placement (2020-2021)

Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2020
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SAP Labs visited our campus for Full-Time Employment for the role of Support Engineer. Here I’m going to tell you my experience. 

1st Stage

(Conducted on September 13,2020)

In this stage, online test was conducted. The platform used was HackerRank.  There were 10 MCQs and 2 coding questions. To answer MCQs you need to be strong in Operating Systems, Computer networks ,database management systems and data structures. I don’t remember the coding questions given. 60 mins is given to complete the test.  Try to solve both the coding questions or at least one completely. Because if you do so you have 90% chance of getting shortlisted for the next round.

The result was out on 24th September. 23 students were shortlisted and I was one among them.

2nd Stage:

(All the below rounds conducted on September 25,2020)

In this stage there are four rounds : 2 Technical rounds, 1 Managerial round and 1 HR round. All are elimination rounds.

Round 1: Technical Round

This round was F2F interview conducted in HackerRank CodePair platform. First I was given a coding question. The question was to count words in a sentence. Refer the link for the solution. I had used Python language. If youmake any mistake in the code and no test cases are passed, don’t give up. Explain him the logic and approach to solve the problem. This will increase your chances of getting shortlisted! 🙂

Since I had used Python language to solve the program, he asked me questions related to Python.

1.Is Python an interpreted language? Why?

2.What is dynamic nature of Python?

3. What is the difference between array and list in Python?

This round lasted for 45 minutes. After an hour, the results were announced and 13 people were shortlisted for the next technical round.

Round 2: Technical Round

This round was F2F round conducted in Microsoft Teams.  Here the interviewer asked me about my strength and weakness in technical part. Answer wisely because based on your strength and your ratings on each subject questions will be asked. The questions asked were:

1. Two to three snippet codes were given and I was asked to give the output. 

2. Asked me to explain about the project mentioned in the resume in detail.

3. Explain the skills used in the project.

4. Three logical reasoning questions:

    a) 2,3,8,63,?

    b) 3,7,16,35,?,153

    c) If A is B and B is A, C is D and D is C, ……. , Y is Z and Z is Y, what is the position of J from right?

This round lasted for 30 minutes. The results were announced after 3 hours. 6 people were shortlisted for the next round i.e. Managerial round.

Round 3: Managerial round

This round took place in Microsoft Teams and it was a F2F round. The interviewer was very friendly. He asked few basic questions like how was your day? and all. He even gave a brief introduction about himself. He asked me to justify the strengths I had mentioned in my resume. Know your resume very well. All the workshops you have attended and everything. Know about the company and the role they are going to offer. Because they mainly ask questions based on these things.

This round lasted for 30 minutes. The results were announced after an hours. 5 people were shortlisted for the next round i.e. HR round. The unlucky one who got rejected in 3rd round was me. People who get into HR round are usually placed. All those 5 people cleared HR round and got placed in SAP labs. As per my knowledge HR round would usually be about yourself. Try to clear Managerial round. And if you do then you are almost placed. 

The next time I write the interview experience of any other company I hope I get placed 🙂 

Tips : Refer Geeks for Geeks to prepare for the technical round and online test. 

All the best for all those candidates who are reading this! 

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