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SAP Labs Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020
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SAP Labs visited our campus for Full-Time Employment for the role of Associate Developer and Associate DevOps Engineer. Firstly, I would like to thank Geeksforgeeks and its community because of which after reading hundreds of interview experience, I am able to share mine here. The circuital branch was eligible for both the profiles. 

The hiring process was basically divided into two stages, an online round followed by 4 F2F interviews (virtual). Let’s go through this one by one.

Stage 1: Online Technical Test on the HackerRank platform. This round was of 1 hour and comprised of 10 MCQs (Single correct as well as multi correct) based on Operating System, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Database Management System as well as two coding problems. MCQs were of easy-moderate difficulty level, most of which you can find while practicing on GeeksforGeeks. Both coding problems were of easy-moderate difficulty level as well. 

  1. One of the problems was a variant of Count ways to reach the n’th stair
  2. Another one was similar to

If you are regular in competitive coding and/or GeeksforGeeks these problems should be a cakewalk for you. I solved both coding problems completely and around 8 correct MCQs. 17 students were shortlisted for the next stage, and I was one of them.

Stage 2: This stage consisted of 4 rounds.

Round 1: It was Codepair round on HackerRank platform. This round lasted for around 45 minutes. For those who don’t know about codepair round, it’s basically a F2F interview on the HackerRank platform where the interviewer selects one or more coding problems for you, and you to have to explain the approach using the whiteboard available and write the code and run on already present test cases. You can try this out here. ( )

The round started with our introduction and after that, I was given a medium difficulty level problem, which was something like, you’re given two rectangles and a given set of valid operations, and you have to find a minimum number of operations to convert the bigger rectangle to smaller one using those operations only. I was able to come up with an approach within 5-7 minutes then the interviewer asked me to explain using a whiteboard and subsequently code it when he was satisfied with the approach. I managed to pass all test cases within 20 minutes, after which the discussion was shifted to follow-ups of the question like

  1. Why did your approach work in this case?
  2. Where do we use a greedy algorithm and where dynamic programming?
  3. Examples of an algorithm where the greedy algorithms will fail and why?
  4. What’s the best algorithm for the shortest path between two nodes in a DAG?
  5. Time complexities of various shortest path algorithms, and which algorithm will work best in which case?
  6. Any real-life application of spanning trees?

I lost around 5-7 minutes debugging my code, which could have been prevented, else this was a good round as I managed to answer almost all the questions asked and the interviewer was quite friendly as well. The round ended with me asking a couple of questions about his experience and projects he’s working on in SAP. 

12 students managed to clear this round, including me. 

Round 2: It was a F2F technical interview on MS Teams. The interviewer in this round was a senior developer at SAP. This round lasted for about 45 minutes as well. The interview started with my introduction and a brief discussion on the project. He asked me a problem on the linked list. The problem was something like, you are given a linked list with n nodes, which contains all numbers from 1 to n except one number, and you have to find the number. I was asked to write a complete working code on an online IDE through screen sharing. This lasted for around 25 minutes, after which I was asked a couple of questions on cursors and normalization in DBMS which I managed to answer decently. After this I was asked 3-4 puzzles, you can find them on GeeksforGeeks itself. I stumbled into one of the puzzles though I managed to come up with the right answer with his help. The round ended with me asking a couple of questions to him.

I performed moderately in this round in my opinion, I stumbled on a few of the questions, also took some extra minutes writing the linked list problem, which could have been bettered. But in the end, this was enough for me to clear this round. 8 students including me manged to clear round 2. 

Round 3: It was the F2F managerial interview on MS Teams. This round was taken by a senior manager at SAP and was a really fun round and it was more like a 2-way discussion. This round lasted for around 40 minutes. The round started with our introduction after which he straight away jumped to my projects and asked a few questions about the technical difficulties faced and why I worked on that project. Lots of questions were asked in this round, and I am listing some of them:

  1. What motivated you to learn android application development?
  2. Why android, why not iOS?
  3. How are you utilizing your time these days?
  4. Questions on SAP’s leadership principles.
  5. What’s best about college life and how college is different from home?
  6. What’s your long term goal?
  7. Why would you like to join SAP?

I mentioned one of my projects which I am currently working on, and he was instantly got interested in that because he worked on one of the similar projects, and he shared his journey through that project. The rounded ended with me asking how managerial and technical aspects both go hand in hand moving forward in the career. All in all, this was a great round and I managed to clear this round as well. 5 students managed to reach the final round.

Round 4: It was a F2F HR interview on MS Teams. This round lasted for around 25 minutes. Started with an introduction and an overview of my projects, questions like why SAP? Previous round experience, where I would like to relocate, good work, average pay vs average work, good pay. Will I look for other options in the future if I am selected in SAP. My internship experience and all. This was an easy-going round and ended with me asking a couple of questions about his journey at SAP. 

All the 5 guys were selected finally, 3 of whom were of Associate Developer profile and the rest in Associate Dev Ops Engineer profile. 

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