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SAP Labs India On Campus Interview Experience 2020 (Virtual)

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020
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Hey Guys this is my experience for SAP Labs India. The test was on hackerrank and interviews were on Microsoft meet and CodePair (A hackerrank interview platform). I got selected for the position of Associate Developer.

College: Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune

Branch: Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

CGPA: 7.6

Aptitude Test (60 minutes): 10 technical MCQs and 2 coding questions. MCQs were of moderate level and covered C, C++, OOPS, and DSA but a few of them were related to REST API. I couldn’t answer those very well but I did both the coding questions to around 60 to 70% running test cases.

Around 150 to 200 students gave the aptitude out of which 20 were shortlisted for the interview process.

Round 1(Technical Interview 30 minutes) The interviewer was extremely humble. First, he gave me a DP problem.

  1. Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profit

However, he gave me an option on whether I want to solve arrays or link list. I couldn’t give him the best solution with min time complexity but I did give him multiple solutions for it.

Then he came on the OOPS concepts: method overloading and overriding, their difference, asked me to create a node in a linked list, real-life application of linked list…. (Make sure that you give very interesting analogies for examples in every round. They want to see your logical thinking and not the textbook concepts that you’ve read)

Only 7 students were selected for the next round.

Round 2 (Second Technical 45 minutes): Just to explain everything verbally

  1. Introduction
  2. In-depth questions about the projects.
  3. Trees concepts- the height of binary tree & width of binary tree algo
  4. Polymorphism from the scratch till examples of it.
  5. Inheritance: she denied the textbook definition and asked for the best examples to explain it.
  6. Why the software field?
  7. Why SAP?
  8. Virtual functions
  9. Friend function
  10. Abstract Classes and their use.
  11. All the differences in C++ and Java. I listed around 5 of them.
  12. SQL basics: asked me to explain all keys with student database examples.
  13. Two puzzles: one was a magic square and the other was a series and I had to find the next number.

4 students were selected for Managerial Round.

Round 3 (Managerial Round 20 minutes): General chat about family background, what you like about the company. It’s mostly an interactive round where you have to make sure that you prove what makes you different from others, your teamwork skills, and many more.

Three made it past this round.

Round 4 (HR 20 minutes): Casual talk about what I did in the lockdown. She wants to see how calm and cool you can be and how convincingly can you explain yourself. No different questions were asked in this round.

They selected all 3 candidates!!

THANK YOU GeeksforGeeks for a wonderful placement preparation experience!

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