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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 3 (Campus-Pool)

Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2015
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Recently I sat in a campus pool for SAP. The whole interview process comprised of following rounds.

Round 1:
It was an online round that took place on-campus. The round comprised of general aptitude, analytical reasoning, verbal ability and computer science questions. There were two questions to code as well. The round on a whole was good, seeing the time limit they had provided. The results were out in a few days. Out of a total of around 100 students, 17 students from our college were shortlisted. 10 for R&D profile and 7 for Technical or Developer consultant profile.
After this round we 17 students from our college were called at a college where the campus pool had to take place. There were around 100 students from four different colleges there. We all were first given a presentation about the company and then we all were divided into a group of two for R&D and Consultancy profile respectively.
The R&D group as told, had to first undergo a first case-study round then two technical interviews and last HR round. Each round was an elimination round. The consultancy group has to undergo one technical, one managerial and one HR round.
I was in the consulting group.

Round 2:
This was a technical round. There was a panel of two interviewers. They looked through my CV and started by asking an introduction. After introduction they asked me in detail about my projects. As I have had a quite a lot of projects on my CV they seemed impressed. After discussion about the projects they asked a probability question in due of the fact that I had won a gold medal in one of the IMO. After that they asked general questions on DS, OS, DBMS and Java. At the end they gave me one question to code. They asked for if I have any questions. I asked the difference between R&D and consultant profile. They said R&D is a technical profile while consultant is a techno-managerial profile.
I was the first amongst my group to be called for the next round.

Round 3:
Two senior interviewers took this interview. They started by letting me give an introduction. Again that gold medal thing in IMO hit them and they gave me a question to first solve mathematically and then approach it via programming. The question was to form all the weights from 1-40 kg by using minimum number of base. I started from the very base and reached up to a satisfactory solution as I had no clue about this question earlier. Then they asked me to design FlipKart with all functionalists.
After this question they asked me about how many offers I already had. I told them I have one. They asked me about why SAP and why not which you already have. I gave them the answer which was suitable according to me.
They asked me to wait. After sometime I was told that I was not shortlisted for HR round. May be my reason for not joining the earlier company didn’t go down well with them.

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