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SAP Labs Interview Experience | Set 4 (Off-Campus)

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Hi everyone, Recently i had wonderful interview experience with Sap Labs India. I would like to share the interview experience with all the readers and hope it will help all of you in your preparation for SAP Labs.

First of all, i got the mail from SAP about there opening for developer position and was asked to attend one online test. Online test had 6 parts-psychometric test, aptitude, logical, English, computer skills and 2 coding questions. Time given to us was 90 minutes. Paper was quite lengthy and of average difficulty level. I was able to complete all the sections, but only one coding question. My coding question was- to reverse a string, second i don’t remember.

After one week i got the mail that i cleared the online test round and was asked to attend the interview rounds on 14th Feb 2015.

Interview round consisted of 5 rounds-4 technical+1 managerial (including HR).

1st Round-
Firstly the interviewer asked me to introduce myself after he introduced himself. Since i went there as experienced guy he asked me about my workings in the current company.
Later on he asked me few coding questions like BFS and to print prime numbers between two intervals. Then he asked question about normalization(BCNF) and some queries like 2nd max and 2nd min(as we all know..;)) . After that he asked me some basic questions related to C,C++,Java and difference between each of them. In the end he asked me 4 puzzles(cut the cake into 8 equal parts in 3 cuts,bulb-switch problem,calculate 45 mins using 2 candles etc.).

After that i was called for the second round.

2nd Round-
Again 2nd round started with an introduction from both sides. Then he started asking questions from resume itself. Working in the current company and all the projects that i have done. Few simple puzzles,OOPs concepts (with proper explanation and coding) and some database related questions(questions were easy you just need to brush up the basics). Some keywords related questions from C,C++,Java(usual questions like static,final,abstract etc.). That was the 2nd round.

Then i was called for the 3rd Round. Before 3rd round they also served tasty lunch.

3rd Round-
Introduction. After that he asked me what i knew about SAP and there products(Please do read all about SAP and there products-not all but at least some famous products like ERP). Then he asked me one puzzle-EGG-DROP-100 STAIRS puzzle(we all know). Then he asked me to code the puzzle(I used the binary search approach-easiest one. :P). That was the 3rd round.
Then i was called for the 4th Round.

4th Round-
Introduction. After that interviewer asked me whether i do online shopping or not. I said yes then he asked me to design the online shopping portal using ER-Diagram . Then he asked me to create all the tables and populate it with data. Later on he asked me to normalize it. After all of this he asked me some simple puzzles and current salary and notice period. That was the 4th round.
After that i was asked to attend the final round and before 5th round they served snacks and tea to all of us-

5th Round-
5th round was kind of mixture of managerial and HR. Two people came to take the interview. They asked me questions related to projects that i have done and working of my current company. I was asked to tell them about my current company for at least 2 minutes. Then he asked me one simple arithmetic puzzle- Using 3 only for six times or five times i have to generate 28 or 31 using world’s any operator. That was the 5th round.

Over all it was a great experience. I loved being interviewed at SAP Labs. People at SAP are highly cooperative and helpful.

At last but the most i would like to thank geeksforgeeks. You really helped me a lot to achieve my goal. Thank you so much.

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Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2017
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