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SAP Labs Interview Experience | 2021 On-Campus

Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020
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SAP Labs visited our campus for Full-Time Employment for the role of Associate Developer. Here comes my interview experience. But first, I want to thank GeekforGeeks for converting me into a writer of interview experiences from a reader.

There were a total of 5 rounds (including an Online test).

Round 1(Online Test): It took place on hackerrank platform. There were 15 MCQs and 2 coding questions. Try to solve all MCQs correctly and for coding question, try to solve one coding question completely along with another one if you can’t solve it, try to get some of the test cases passes. I did the same and got into the next round. 

Round 2(Technical Round 1): The interview took place on an online hackerrank code pair platform. So, the following questions were asked:-

  1. Describe any one of your projects on the whitespace. I started making a flowchart of my project which I did recently. Try to explain the project like you are explaining to a child so that even if he doesn’t know anything he can understand it otherwise he will not be interested.
  2. Then he asked me 2-3 questions related to my project.
  3. He asked me to design a model to get the top 20 relevant pages from 10,000 pages from the web.
  4. Explain the traversal in BSF using a directed graph.
  5. Write a code to print all the prime numbers before n. Try to come up with an optimal solution.

Round 3(Technical Round 2): This interview took place on MS Teams. The interview started with my introduction. Then, the following questions were asked:

  1. Explain your recent project.
  2. As I had machine learning and deep learning as my area of interest. So he asked me questions related to it like what is deep learning and how it is different from machine learning.
  3. Explain a Deep Learning algorithm.
  4. From where do you study machine learning.
  5. Which language are you comfortable with Java/Python.[I said Java so the further questions were on java].
  6. What is the difference between Abstraction and encapsulation? Explain with example.
  7. What is an abstract class and what is an Interface?
  8. When do we use an abstract class?
  9. What is polymorphism? How many types of polymorphism are there in java?
  10. What is multithreading in java?
  11. What is the difference between an array and a linked list data structure? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.
  12. What is inheritance? Why do we need inheritance?

Lastly, he asked do you have a question for me.

[Try to explain everything in detail and try to give examples for everything you explain and showcase that you are clear with your basics. Be relaxed, drink water before you start the interview because you have to speak a lot and convince him]

Round 4(Managerial Round): The interview was supposed to take place on MS Teams but due to some network issue. The interviewer called me on my mobile phone and asked me to try connecting on MS teams while giving the interview on call. So the interview started with my introduction. There were 3 people on the call, only one was talking others were not. Be confident while you speak and talking calmly as the interviewer will fire questions back to back on you]

  1. Suppose you are doing a project in a team and there is a conflict between you and your teammate. What will you do?
  2. Suppose there are members of your team who are not as good as you. What will you do?
  3. Suppose you are unable to meet your deadline for a project. What will u do?
  4. What is your view regarding a good teacher and a bad teacher?
  5. What was your role in your team project?
  6. Tell me about your strength and weakness?
  7. Where do you see urself five years later?
  8. What is your area of interest?
  9. Suppose you are given work which you u don’t like, What will you do in this situation?

Round 5(HR Round): The interviewer started with her introduction. This round was easier than all the other. The interview just wanted to know about me. So, she asked me to start with my introduction. Keep in mind to bear a smile on your face while you speak and be more chilled out and comfortable as going till this round you might get exhausted.

  1. What are the struggles of living in a small town?
  2. Tell me about your hobbies?
  3. How are you spending your time in this lockdown period?
  4. How is this lockdown going for you?
  5. What is your view regarding the present COVID situation?
  6. What do you feel should be qualities in a team lead?
  7. Do you have any questions for me?[for this I asked -How is the work culture at SAP?]
  8. Then she asked, How was your previous round experience. How was the interview?

The interview ended with the HR manager saying that it was really nice talking to me, and she would love to see me in the SAP office sometime in the future.

The next day, I received a message through my college that I got the FTE offer from SAP Labs.


  • Remain calm during the whole process and be alert as you may get to know about the next round just 5 minutes before so you have to alert and check mail again and again.
  • Be clear with computer science fundamentals and try to explain everything by giving Examples.

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