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SAP Interview Experience | Set 27 (On-Campus Internship)

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Recently, SAP Labs India visited our campus for internship as well as for Full time hiring

The process for internship was : 

  • 1 Online test comprising of 5 sections:
    (Quant , Verbal , Debug (2 coding qs in C had to be debugged), Coding (2 qs ) & Java – Guess the output type questions)
  • 2 Technical Rounds
  • 1 HR Round: After each round they eliminated few students
    Branches allowed were T.Y.BTech CS & T.Y.BTech IT.

Overall 120+ students appeared for online test and out of which they shortlisted only 9 students for interviews.

F2F (1hr – 1:15) – 2 interviewers

It started off with normal HR questions
Tell me about yourself ?
About your past internships and projects, followed by brief discussion on technologies used , problems faced , learnings from it etc. Since Javascript was mentioned in my resume as one of the languages, the lady interviewer started firing qs related to it

  • Diff between interpreted vs compiled languages?
  • What is Hoisting in JS ?
  • What is Closure in JS ?
  • Call vs Apply ?
  • Brief discussion on “This” keyword
  • How is OOPS implemented in JS ? How is it diff then other languages?
  • Multiple vs Multilevel inheritance , Which one is supported by JS ?
  • Promises vs Callbacks vs Async ?
  • How to catch all undefined variables in JS ?
  • Types of Exceptions in JS ?
  • Explain MVC model with example
  • Wrote few codes in JS and asked output of each of them

Then they shifted to Database :

  • Draw database diagram for implementing Notifications – one to one
  • How to extend it to support – Broadcast Notifications
  • Few SQL queries related to it.

They ended the interview by asking few HR/Managerial qs

  • Why SAP ?
  • What if we reject you?
  • What if we assign you a project which is not of your interest ?
  • What if we your team members don’t contribute much to the project?

They elminated 4 ppl after round 1

F2F (1hr – 1:15) – Single interviewer

This was with a very Senior guy from SAP, he directly jumped to qs


Since my previous internship was on Android, he asked few qs

  • How multi-threading is achieved in Android ? How is it different than Java ?
  • What is Async task ? preExecute(), postExecute() is called in Main thread or background thread?
  • Activity lifecycle ?
  • Fragment Lifecycle ?
  • Activity vs Fragments ?
  • How GCM push notifications works?
  • How OAuth works ?
  • SQLite DB vs SharedPreferences? When to use which Android app Architecture ? MVP , MVC?




They eliminated 1 guy after this round

HR Round (15-20 mins)
Normal HR Qs ->

  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Weakness ?
  • Strengths?
  • Why SAP ?
  • Hobbies ?
  • Willing to relocate to Bangalore ?

Finally, they selected 4 students for Internship!!

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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