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SAP Labs, India Internship Interview Experience (On Campus)

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Online Round

SAP Labs India visited our campus on 11’th Aug 2018 offering full time as well as internship (2 months, 6 months)
Following was the procedure for Internship:
Computers, IT, Extc and some other E branch were allowed with 7+cpi criteria for online test on Hackerrank.
This consisted of 25mcqs and 3 coding questions having sectional cutoff with an overall allowed time of 75 mins.
Mcqs were all technical with a high emphasis on Java, DBMS, Oops, DS, Algorithms [ 1 question maybe from Design Patterns, OS or Networking ]. The questions covered topics where theory, code and solving on paper would all be covered.
After that, there were 3 coding questions, with multiple sets for participants. A few of them were:
1) array triplet sum below target->count-triplets-with-sum-smaller-than-a-given-value
2) similar to->number-of-palindromic-permutations
3) maximum size substring with at most k normal characters where we are given the string and a 26 space-separated values indicating if the character is normal or special. 
4) given a directed weighted graph with each node having a happiness value, find the shortest cost loop with maximum happiness value.
5) given the size of the key, the key and time window available, output whether the hacker can crack it or not. Also, they had given a way to find the strength of a key.

Over 200 had given the test for internship and they sent a list of 9 selected students the same night and the interview was scheduled the next day.


    They began sharply at 9 am with the PPT and to be honest was awestruck by their technology and portfolio because the earlier PPT I had attended were Morgan Stanley and Samsung. They began with final year at 10 and with interns at 12 pm. There were 3 rounds each having elimination.

Round 1: Tech Interview, 1 to 1
9 candidates

They had our resume and a 3/4 side sheet with 10+ rows where I later saw marks in the HR round, thus ensuring every candidate is evaluated on all desired topics. It lasted just over an hour.
1st came the icebreaker-Tell me something about yourself. She began by asking my preferred language to which I replied with C/C++ and familiar with Java, Python.

She initially tested me by asking the basic concepts of the languages as well as their differences. Multiple OOPs questions, Memory allocation, keyword related questions followed. Some of them were:

1)Procedural vs oops
2)Encapsulation and the resulting visibility cases
4)Aggregation Composition Generalisation Specialization
5)Abstract classes, interfaces, virtual functions, diamond problem, Inheritance

6)Polymorphism in details with examples and problems
7)Multithreading, synchronization, thread methods, locks, Acid properties and the locking mechanism solution with their cases, deadlocks
8)Exception handling in the various languages
9)Calloc vs Malloc with code
10)A deep discussion with code about pointers, references and multiple types of pointers
11)Final vs finally vs finalize
12)Java garbage collector
13)Another code with friend functions, classes and inline functions and other with final, static, access specifiers in play

In the middle of all this, I was also asked to write complete codes for simple programs like palindrome distance, solutions to a^2+b^2=c^2+d^2 up to 1000 and heapsort

14)Hashset vs hashmap
15)General Questions on circular linkedlist, priority queue, binary tree, bst, avl, segment and expression trees
16)SQL objects? Tables, views, indexes
17)Various type of keys
18)Schema and ER diagram of my project
19)Write various queries on given data such as to find n’th highest row, order group having where, foreign keys, joins, views, savepoint rollbacks etc
20)Normalisation and denormalization
21)She also asked about CPU scheduling in which I just explained fcfs and told her that we had OS in the same semester so not finished

Finally, she asked if I had something to ask?

Round 2: Tech Interview, 1 to 1

7 candidates

The interviewer seemed senior and straight away asked me about my other project details
As my project included multivariable regression, he asked a few questions about formulation and gradient descent, normalization, overfitting
Later he asked me to write a code to call a public static method to another package
Then he asked me to debug some Java codes
A puzzle was also given where I was asked to divide an L shape into 4 equal shapes
It was just 20 minutes and then he was done and asked if I had any questions. I was a bit scared as I had messed up the package question and was expecting a long interview after round 1. But he said he didn’t want me to answer anything else as all other things were covered(the sheet:p)

Round 3: HR Interview, 2 on 1

5 candidates
There were 2 lady interviewers. They began by asking about my day.
The later questions were all a reply to my previous answers
What do you do when you are free (don’t say coding)?
About my other experience as mentioned on my resume. She asked me about my experiences and achievements as a teacher and design officer which I’d mentioned.
She asked me about my strengths and weaknesses
What if they reject me?
What were my preferences in projects and location were
Why SAP?
What if I get rejected?
Who is my role model and why?
What was my expectation
But this was really a free-flowing round which lasted for around 45 mins


After 3 hrs they announced the results and 4 candidates were selected(2CS, 2IT)

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019
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