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SAP Labs India Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2023
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SAP LABS visited our campus (Top NIT) to hire pre-final year students for software intern roles (2 months), Initially, all branches were allowed.

Eligibility Criteria: 7+ CGPA & more than 60% in 10th and 12th.

The flow was following

Pre-Placement Talk >> Resume Based Shortlisting >> Tests >> Interviews

169 students were shortlisted based on their CPI and branch (all of the students from CSE,ECE,EE). There were four rounds, the first was an online test, followed by 3 rounds of interviews(2 Tech + 1 HR)

Round 1: Online Test

Online Test was scheduled on 4th Oct, 7:45 pm. It was conducted on Talent Central (which is SHL proctored platform). The test started around 8:00 p.m. The test duration was 60 minutes consisting of two coding questions.

  • First question

This was to Find the number of bit flips required to convert a number A to another number B.

  • Second question

A virtual memory memory management algorithm was given we were asked to implement the algorithm and count the number of misses. Somewhat similar to following question

I solved both the questions in around 40 mins. Most of the students had different question sets level of question were easy to medium and standard questions were asked.

Results were announced on 6th Oct, a total of 15 students were shortlisted for the 2nd round that is Technical Interview Round.

Interviews were Scheduled on the next day that was 6th October. We were informed about the timings beforehand. . My first round was Scheduled at 10:30 am. It was conducted on MS Teams. 

After going through previous Interview experiences I was certain that Interview will mostly be Theoretical and core concepts will be asked. A day before I revised OOPs, DBMS, OS and some basics of C programming. I planned on studying some puzzles but later fell short on time.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

First, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself. I already had given some interviews so I had my intro prepared, I introduced myself and told my hobbies,  told him clubs and committee’s I’m part of

Then he asked me which language I prefer. I told him that solve question in C++, but I am also familiar with Java. 

After that, following question were asked 

What are virtual functions and pure virtual functions

Polymorphism and it’s type in detail. Some follow up questions. He also gave me 2-3 set of codes and asked me to predict the output each one was related to polymorphism and one code had some syntax error which I missed and later he pointed out.

What are constructor and destructor and asked me to write and example in the chat.

Then he asked Me one trick question which was related to core C, question was

Int C=20;




what will be the output.

I was definitely not sure on this one, I thought if answer is 22 than there is no point of asking this so I said 21 and explained him that it’s getting assigned before getting incremented. He then moved to the next question

He asked me to code some questions in the chat, that were following 

Input:786 output:687

  • Basically reversing a number.
  • Checking if an input string is palindrome
  • Deleting a node with value K in singly, doubly and circular Linked List.
  • Difference between process and a thread.
  • He asked me whether I know DBMS, I  told him that I don’t know SQL but I have studied the theoretical part. He didn’t asked any questions.
  • One question was to infix to postfix conversion of a given expression

Finally he asked me to write algorithm of bubble sort. 

This is all I remember from Tech round 1

Then at last he told me my interview is over if I have any questions I can ask

I asked an question related to acceptance of AI and machine learning at SAP

Interview lasted almost 50-55 minutes

Out of 15 students 12 were called for Tech round 2

My round 2 was scheduled 20 minutes after round 1.

Round 3: Technical Round 2

It also started with my introduction, this time I kept my intro short,  then he specifically asked me about my interests and hobbies.

Then he asked following questions 

  • Pure function.
  • Difference between C and C++
  • What is pointer and pointer arithmetic

Some followup questions

  • What is the significance of namespace and what will happen if we do not write it.
  • Why do we use #include what if we do not use it
  • What are the requirements of a Queue and how to implement it.
  • Then there was a 5 min long discussion on polymorphism and inheritance
  • Explain difference in stack and heap

He asked do I know DBMS , I replied that I yes know the theoretical concepts but not so good in SQL 
He asked what is normalization and different normal formsThis is all I remember from Tech 2
This round lasted only 30-35 minutes

Out of 12 students 7 were called for HR Round that was the final round
All the rounds were happening in parallel so I was informed about the HR round just a minute before joining time. It was around 1 hour after the Tech 2 round

Round 4 : HR Round

I joined and was asked to introduce myself. I gave a detailed introduction with all the interest and hobbies.

Then she asked me any of achievements in the field of interests

Then she asked me about my project and told me to explain the overview of my project

Then She asked me

  • What do I know about SAP
  • Why I want to join SAP.
  • Are you ready to relocate

This round lasted only around 10 minutes

After all the interviews were conducted we were informed that results will be declared later and we will be informed about it.

On the same day in the evening results were declared all 7 students who went for HR round were selected and I was lucky enough to be one off them


The interview process of SAP is quite different from other companies, they don’t focus much on DSA only they cover a wider syllabus. If you are selected for interview I would suggest you to focus more on OOPs and other theoretical concepts rather than DSA . Talking about projects it’s quite uncertain some people were asked follow up questions on projects and some just got away with the overview. I would also suggest reading all the other interview experiences because questions do get repeated. Also do have an idea about working of the company you may be asked about what does company do even before HR round. 

Just remember their were various questions I was not able to answer, you do not need to answer all the questions. At the end I would like to say stay calm and confident . 


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